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Jonathan Gilyana

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Updated On December 11, 2021
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America, America

Jonathan Gilyana is an American YouTuber. Jonathan Gilyana is best known for his YouTube videos where he uploads gameplay content from various video games.

Early life and Childhood

Jonathan was born on February 15, 1998. He is 23 years old as of now. Likewise, he is of the birth sign Aquarius. Jonathan was born in America. Thus, he is an American by nationality. More than this, no other information is available about his family. It seems like Jonathan prefers keeping his professional and private life separated.

Similarly, he seems the type to keep his private life a secret from his subscribers and the rest of the world. Therefore, not much is known about his parents’ name, their occupations, etc. Similarly, there is no information obtainable regarding his siblings as well. Basically, nothing about him is known except for the fact that he has a career in YouTube.


He has most likely completed his high school and is in college. However, not many details are retrievable about his schools and colleges. Although it does seem like he was interested in sports like football during his high school years. Other than these facts no other details regarding his educational history are available as of now. Similar to his family background, it seems like he prefers to keep it limited to his close friends and family circle only.

Jonathan Gilyana

Caption: Jonathan’s football team during his high school years. Source: Instagram

Professional life

Jonathan Gilyana is an American YouTuber who established his YouTube channel @JTGily in June of 2016. He first posted a video on his in June of 2016 with the title, Hello YouTube. His YouTube journey has come a long way over time. Currently, he has successfully garnered 213k subscribers on his channel. Although his channel is growing at a slower pace compared to others. However, he is slowly starting to get attention from game lovers around the globe. Similarly, he has posted 749 videos on his YouTube channel so far.

One of his most popular YouTube videos is a video titled, The Best of My Pokemon Go Career! ( Pokemon Go Fest 2018). This particular video on his channel has 3.2 million views on it. Jonathan usually posts videos related to Pokemon Go; a popular video game. He introduces himself as the Pokemon Go creator on his YouTube channel’s bio. He travels across the world whilst playing the game and documents his gaming journey on his YouTube channel. Similarly, he is also a game streamer on Twitch.

Jonathan Gilyana

Caption: A thumbnail of one of his YouTube videos. Source: YouTube

Similarly, Jonathan also has a second YouTube channel named JTGily Plays. He established his second channel in November of 2018. He has 3.94k subscribers on his second channel as of now. Jonathan hasn’t posted in his second channel in over three months now. However, his prior videos on the channel are related to more video games like Among Us, Pokemon Go, etc.

Net Worth

He earns around $109,000 through his YouTube channel. However, that might not be the only source of income he has. Jonathan seems to live quite a lavish life based on the pictures he posts on his social media. He owns a Mercedes Benz car of his own. Likewise, he has traveled to many countries around the world. Jonathan most likely owns an apartment or a house of his own as well. However, those details are not available. His total net worth is estimated to be around $1 -$5 million.

Jonathan Gilyana

Caption: Jonathan posing with his car. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Jonathan is currently single and is not dating anybody at the moment. It seems like he is busy building himself an even more successful career at the moment rather than being involved in any romantic relationships. He hasn’t posted any updates on his romantic life on any of his social media platforms. Similarly, there are no records of him dating anyone in the past as well.

Body Measurements and Social Media

Jonathan has beautiful black hair and sparkling brown eyes. He has a fit built as well. However, except for these, there is no further information available regarding his body measurements for now. Jonathan’s height, weight, and other such details are not known at the moment. However, such details are still under review.

Jonathan is active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. On Instagram, he is available under the user name @jtgily. He has 18.1 k followers on his Instagram. Likewise, he posts very attractive and photogenic pictures of himself on his feed. He has 98 posts on his Instagram so far. Similarly, he is available on Twitter under the Twitter handle @JTGily. He has 33.2 k followers on his Twitter.

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