Johnny  Fratto

Johnny  Fratto

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Johnny Fratto is a business tycoon who was a successful entrepreneur. Johnny  Fratto is mostly popular for his contribution to the Howard Stern show. He has appeared as a guest in the television show Deadliest Weapon. He is the owner of Beverly Hills Choppers. 

Early Life

John Fratto known as Johnny Fratto was born on August 12, 1954, in the Des Moines neighborhood in Iowa, America. Johnny Fratto was the son of Louis Fratto who is a well-known head of mobs mafia in Iowa and his brother Frank Farrell was also a hitman for mobs. Johnny Fratto’s father Louis Fratto was a mob boss and had control of a racket in Iowa. Louis was also known as ‘Lew Farrell’ and ‘Cock-eyed’ who was a labor racketeer and organized criminal activities in Des Moines, Iowa  Loius also was a major distributor of Capons’ Canadian Ace Beer in Iowa. 

About Johnny Fratto’s mother, there is no detailed information. Louis’s brother Frank died in a plane crash. About Johnny’s childhood journey there is no information about it. Although Johnny Fratto came from a mob background but never aligned himself to the mobs rather he saw himself as a businessman partner with his friend Paris Hilton and started a bike, chopper, and scooter selling company. The company has also made bikes and choppers for Nikky Hilton, Adrianne Curry, and Nicole Eggert. There is no information about his siblings and childhood. 


Besides, his successful career in the entertainment industry and the bikes business there is no information about his education and graduation. We can assume that he is completed his education.

Johnny Fratto

Caption: Johnny Fratto early life (Source: YouTube)


Fratto had lived a good life. Johnny had diagnosed with lung cancer a long time ago. Due to the disease, he was suffering from illness and becoming weaker.   Unfortunately, He passes away at the age of 61due to sickness and fighting with the disease of lung cancer in the hospital in Los Angeles on 5 November 2015. After Fratto’s death broke out in Social media and news many of his fans sent their heartfelt condolence messages. Fratto’s longtime friend Howard stern also dedicated an episode of his show to business guru. “Now That I’m Dead, here’s the Real Dirt” is a book where there is included Johnny’s successful business career and said to be enclosed with his experience as a Midwest mafia prince.

Career and Professional life

Johnny Fratto started his career in the entertainment industry by selling a show to Fremantle Media. Johnny was a regular guest on the popular show Howard Stern’s show. He had even served as a talent manager to Eric Lynch who also had appeared on the Howard Stern show. He had partnered with the different channels and invest money in reality shows like Recipe Hunters, Foxy Ladies, and Jelly Ballers.  Beverly Hills Bicycle Company and was the owner of the company.

Due to his passion for bikes and choppers, he had topped in the business market and still doing good considerably in the global market. He had done a partnership deal with Hoplite Entertainment and even made shows like Ink Therapy, Fozy Ladies. His company has given Hilton a Swarovski Encrusted Motorcycle which is priced at $250 thousand in the American market. Johnny Fratto is also the founder of a social club that aims to establish Howard stern’s Fan Network. He had his successful career life.

Johnny Fratto

Caption: Johnny Fratto’s business (Source: Shabooty)

Achievements and Net worth

Johnny Fratto was a well-known businessman in America. Johnny Fratto had appeared as a guest in different shows. Despite it, he hasn’t won awards. There is no information about his Awards and achievements.

Johnny Fratto

Caption: Johnny Fratto net worth (Source: Heavy)

Fratto’s career had a successful business and television career. Fratto’s net worth is said to be a million but cannot be confirmed. He earned the money from his bike company and his other business. He had received a few amounts of money from his appearance on television shows.   

Personal life

Johnny Fratto had a successful television career. He was also successful in his love life. He married Jowanka. From the marriage, they had five children named Angela, Alexis, Johnny Jr, Will, Joey Fratto. Johnny Fratto Jr is doing well as an actor in today’s world. He was a grandfather as well before he died. 

 Johnny Fratto was a successful businessman. Despite it, there is no information about his Rumors and Controversy in his life.

Body measurement and Social media.

Johnny Fratto is a well-known businessman and celebrity. About his height, weight, and other body measurements there is no information 

Johnny Fratto had lived a private life. But he had a Twitter account named @JOHNNYFRATO where there are 63 k followers in Twitter account. Other than that there is not much information about his Facebook,