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Updated On September 28, 2023
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John George Schmitz

John George Schmitz was the United States House of Representatives, a Republican member. John George Schmitz is also a member of the John Birch Society.

Early life

On August 12, 1930, John George Schmitz was born in Milwaukee. And, he has American citizenship. He was born to his mother Wilhelmina and his father Jacob John Schmitz. In 1948, he graduated from Marquette University High School. Likewise, he attended Marquette University.

From the University he graduated with a degree of B.S., in 1952. In 1960, he graduated from California State University. From 1952- 1960, he serves as a helicopter pilot and US Marine Corps jet fighter. Similarly, he was a lieutenant colonel from 1960- 1983.

John George Schmitz – Death

At the age of 70, on January 10, 2001, John George Schmitz passed away. The reason for his death was prostate cancer. Whereas, with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery, he was buried. Also, a journalist stated that he was a good friend of the Institute. He took his last breath in Bethesda, Maryland, US.

John George Schmitz

Caption: John and his son’s grave. Source(Common Wiki Media)


After John George Schmitz’s college, he started working a job. He was an instructor in philosophy and political science at Santa Ana College. Additionally, he was also active in the John Birch Society. His view attracted the attention of wealthy Orange County conservatives. In 1964, he was helped by them to win election to the California Senate, from a district in Orange County.

Even with the standards of Orange country, his views were very conservative. There was a joke made by him that he had joined the John Birch Society. Moreover, he opposed sex education in public schools. The citizens should be able to carry loaded guns in their cars, which was believed by him. In the mid-1960s, he was also critical of the civil unrest that characterized it. In 1965, the Watts riots, he called a Communist operation.  Later, a year later he sponsored a bill that failed to pass. Additionally, he believed that state universities should be sold to private corporations. And also, a curb against student protests.

Until 1970, John George Schmitz served in the state senate. Later, he also won a special election in the house from California’s 35th congressional district. Later, he changed his party registration to the American Independent. He has received the best votes in the West, Idaho, and other places. In 1978, with 49.5% of the vote, he won and was named chairman. In 1984, he was defeated by Bob Dornan.

John George Schmitz – Net worth 2023

John George Schmitz has very successfully established his career. He was a Republican member and the John Birch Society member. Undoubtedly, he had already earned a hefty amount of money. And, as a politician, he has earned a hefty amount of money. Probably, he had lived an expensive life with his family members.

Personal life

John George Schmitz was happily married to Mary Suehr. Altogether he had 9 children. They are John, Joseph, Mary Kay, Philip, Jerome, Theresa, Elizabeth, John, and Eugenie. His son John is deputy counsel to the vice president. Likewise, Joseph is a Department of Defense inspector general. And, Mary is a former school teacher and sexual offender.

John George Schmitz

Caption: Custody taken by John’s children and Carla. Source(Pinterest)

Additionally, John George was born an infant and treated in a hospital for an injured penis. Finally, the surgery went well and the baby suffered no permanent injury. Likewise, the detectives threatened to arrest her and took John away permanently. Late, Schmits agreed to father John out of wedlock. Also, he was the father of Carla’s daughter, Eugenie.

John has greyish-white hair color and brown eye color. Additionally, Schmitz is also not active on social media accounts.

Rumors and controversies

John did not take care of Carla’s children. When the detectives investigated the child abuse was claimed against him. He said,” I do not and will not support him financially. It is her responsibility to take care of him.” Later, Carla retired from the authorities to take care of them.