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Updated On November 21, 2023
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Mainz, Germany
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Mainz, Germany
Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg is known for Inventing the moveable type printing press. Johannes Gutenberg printed the first bible.

Early life

Johannes Gutenberg was born between 1394 and 1404 in Mainz, Germany. His zodiac sign is Cancer. He died at the age of 70 on 3 February 1468. The reason for his death is unknown.

Moreover, his father’s name is Friele Gensfleisch Zur Laden. Likewise, his mother’s name is Else Wirich. Thus, there is very little information about the early life of Johannes Gutenberg. Moreover, some historians speculate that in 1418 he studied at the ‘University of Erfurt.

Furthermore, in 1428 due to a raging power struggle between the politicians and the guilds in the city, the family of Johannes Gutenberg had to leave Mainz for some time.

Moreover, his family belonged to the highest class, they had gone to Strasbourg. After that, he started working in the jewelry industry and specialized in cutting gems.

Moreover, Johannes continued working on his secret, which was believed to be printing technology. Somehow, he managed to get some investment from three men in Strasbourg. Moreover, his decision to later sign a contract with them in 1438 was a masterstroke.


He died on February 3, 1468, in Mainz, Germany. However, his cause of death is not available.


Gutenberg had claimed in a moment of light his idea of movable type printing had come to him. Moreover, he called it a ‘ray of light’. In 1440, while he was in Strasbourg, Gutenberg first introduced the then-revolutionary concept of printing to his partners.

Moreover, during the period between 1444 and 1448 significant portion of his life is not on record.

Furthermore, to start his own business his brother-in-law gave him a loan. It is speculated that it might have been for a printing press similarly it could also have been used for his goldsmith business.

Moreover, Gutenberg successfully opened up his printing press in the year 1450. Likewise, the very first item that was printed to test the effectiveness of the press was a poem in German.

Thus, the name of the precise is unknown. After that, for his workshop, Gutenberg was able to take out a substantial loan from the moneylender Johann Fust.

More about career

Furthermore, in the year 1452 Gutenberg opened up his workshop. Moreover, his workshop first decided to print the Bible, which he was sure would be a profitable venture.

Moreover, he has another press in which he published run-of-the-mill books like Church indulgences or textbooks in Latin.

Likewise, Gutenberg printed his first copy of the Bible in the year 1455. Later on, it came to be known as Gutenberg’s Bible. Initially, he had printed 180 copies, and needless. Moreover, it did not seem like a venture that would have brought a huge amount of profit for him.

Moreover, in 1456, Johann Fust sued him for misappropriation of funds, and in an unfortunate turn of events. Additionally, the printing workshop was turned over to Johann Fust. Moreover, in 1465 he was honored with the title Hofmann which meant Gentleman of the Court.
Johannes Gutenberg

Caption: Johannes printing the print. Source: the balanced career

Johannes Gutenberg – Net worth 2023

The estimated net worth of Johannes Gutenberg was to be $1million-$3million. The source of his income is his career inventor.

Personal life

There is no information about his personal life. Moreover, since there is a record of taking a loan from his brother-in-law, he might have gotten married. Thus, there is no update about his wife. Furthermore, nobody knows if he had any children or not.

Body measurement

There is no information about his body measurements. Moreover, Johannes Gutenberg’s height and weight are unknown. Likewise, Nobody knows his body measurement.

Johannes Gutenberg – Social media

There were no social media sites like we have today we have with us at that time. Likewise, Johannes Gutenberg had no social media sites.