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Updated On September 27, 2022

Jiedel is an American social media star. Jiedel is primarily a Youtube content creator popular for his self-titled channel. He has two Youtube channels in total and is also a part of Youtube channel 2Hype along with his brother Jesser.

Early Life and Childhood

Jiedel was born on July 7, 1995, and his age is currently 27 years old. Though his birthplace is not mentioned, Jiedel is a citizen of the United States.

Likewise, his full name is James Riedel. Talking about his family, he has a brother named Jesse Riedel, who is also a Youtube gamer.

Other than this, there is no information about James’ parents and other family details. Jiedel has yet to share any insightful information about his educational background.

However, considering his age, Jiedel might be a university student unless he decided to take a break from his studies and rather focus on his professional career. Jiedel is also a basketball player.

Likewise, Jiedel is a huge pet lover. He has a pet dog named Cookie who celebrated his first birthday in March 2020.

Before him, Jiedel has also shared numerous photos with her other pets and some of them are a dachshund named Humphrey, Sweetie, and a beautiful black cat.


Caption: Jiedel posing for a photo with his brother Jesse. Source: Instagram

Social Media

Talking about his social media presence, Jiedel joined Twitter in June 2014 and so far has 84.6K followers on his @Jiedel account.

Likewise, he has an Instagram account under the username @jiedel. This account boasts 300 post shares and over 257k followers at the time of preparing this biography.

Likewise, he created this Youtube channel on June 19, 2014. This channel has earned 237,708,133 views along with more than 965K subscribers. He also has a secondary channel under the name “JDL” which he created on March 28, 2016.

This channel earned 12,399,414 views and 176K subscribers by July 2020. We can also contact Jiedel at [email protected] for more inquiries.


Caption: Jiedelwas captured while playing basketball. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Jiedel is in a romantic relationship with Amy. She is also an immersing Youtube content creator and social media personality.

She has a Youtube channel “Amy Elisabeth” and she goes by @aliendayss on Instagram. Browsing through Jiedel’s Instagram posts, the first post featuring Amy was shared in early May 2018.

After that, he shared another photo after a long time in October 2018. Following this, Jiedel started to share photos featuring Amy regularly and is still doing the same to date.


Caption: Jiedel posing for a photo with his lover Amy. Source: Instagram

Net Worth

Moving on, Jiedel has a net worth estimation of $839,000. He mostly earns through his Youtube channels.

Jiedel has published over 800 videos on his “Jiedel” Youtube channel which all together add up to more than 237 million views.

Jiedel creates on average 17 new videos every month earning 392k video views and 1k new subscribers every day.

Likewise, Jiedel has also published over 40 videos on his “JDL” Youtube channel which all together add up to about 12 million views.

JDL creates on average 1 new video every month earning 389 video views and 23 new subscribers every day.

Professional Life

Professionally, Jiedel is a social media star. He is primarily a Youtube content creator who shares gaming videos on his “Jiedel” channel.

He is popular as the gaming personality who has earned massive popularity for his NBA 2K gaming playthroughs, hacks, and montages. He’d later become a member of the NBA 2 K-focused web group 2Hype.

Further, Jiedel created his Youtube channel on June 19, 2014, and so far has 237,708,133 views. Likewise, this channel has earned 965K subscribers by July 2020.

Moreover, he and his brother JesserTheLazer have collaborated on his YouTube channel as well as become members of 2Hype. Other members of other 2Hype channels are Cashnasty, Kristopher London, ZackTTG, and Mobi.

Main Youtube channel

Jiedel started his social media career with the creation of his Youtube channel “Jiedel”. He created it on June 19, 2014.

This channel has garnered more than 965K subscribers and over 237.7 million views. Likewise, the oldest video on this channel at present is titled The Night Before Lebron Chose Cleveland. This particular video has had 36,760 views since it was uploaded on July 25, 2014.

Moreover, the video with the highest number of views is titled NBA JUMPSHOT CHARADES! with 3.9 million views.

The other video with over 3 million views is CAN JESSER AND I REBUILD THE CLIPPERS!? NBA 2K18 with 3.5 million views.

Similarly, the video with more than 1.5 million views and less than 3 million views are 3 PLAYER DRAFT WITH JESSER AND TD PRESENTS NBA 2K17 DRAFT!, INTENSE 2v2 BLACKTOP WITH JESSER, TD PRESENTS, AND MOPI! NBA 2K18 BLACKTOP!, 2HYPE CHOPPED CHALLENGE!, 2HYPE CHOPPED CHALLENGE! 3, 2HYPE REACTING TO AND RECREATING WEIRDEST NBA MOMENTS!, 2HYPE CHOPPED 2!!!, and 2HYPE 3v3v3 BASKETBALL CHALLENGE! with over 1.9 m, 1.9 m, 1.8 m, 1. m, 1.7 m, 1.5 m, and 1.5 m views respectively.


Caption: Jiedel showcasing his silver Youtube plaques. Source: Instagram

Second Youtube Channel

Jiedel went on to create his second Youtube channel on March 28, 2016. This channel boasts over 12.3 million views and 176K subscribers.

Likewise, the oldest video on this channel is titled ROADHOG DORADO SHUTOUT! AMAZING HOOKS! | Overwatch.

This particular video was shared on May 30, 2016, and so far has 2,944 views. Likewise, the most popular video on this channel is IRL PACK ‘n’ PLAY vs JESSER! NBA 2K20 with over 508k views.

The other videos with over 260k views at the time of writing this biography are GM JIEDEL FIRST REBUILD OF 2020!, WHAT IF EVERY NBA PLAYER WAS IN THEIR PRIME? NBA 2K20, REBUILDING THE NEW ORLEANS PELICANS REBUILD!, CAN TEAM LEBRON OR TEAM GIANNIS GO 82-0? NBA 2K20, CLEVELAND CAVALIERS REBUILD! NBA 2K20, and REBUILDING THE ATLANTA HAWKS! NBA 2K20 with 400k, 315k, 310k, 274k, 264k, and 263k respectively.

Body Measurements

Jiedel stands tall at a height of 6 feet 3 inches and weighs 85 kg. Other than this, there is no information about his other body measurement details like chest-waist-hip measures, biceps, dress size, shoe size, etc. Likewise, Jiedel has blonde hair and blue eye color.

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