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Jeddah Navalua Age, Net Worth & All Biography - Updated Dec 2022

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Updated On November 7, 2022

Jeddah Navalua is a prominent Youtube personality. Jeddah Navalua is famous for her family channel ‘The Navalua Family’.

Early Life and Childhood

Jeddah Navalua was born on 25th March 1982 and is 39 years old. Her zodiac sign is Aries. Likewise, she was born in Tuscon, Arizona. Her nationality is American. However, there is no information regarding her educational background.

Social Media

Furthermore, reflecting on her social media account, she has an Instagram account under [email protected] and has 40.6k followers.

Likewise, she has her family Twitter account which she joined in July 2015 and has 1686 Followers. This account is under the handle @navaluafamily. Similarly, Navalua also has a family Facebook account besides the Youtube channel.

Professional Life

Jeddah began her journey on Youtube through her channel ‘The Navalua Family’. She opened the channel on 11th July 2015. Since then, she has gained more than 354K subscribers.

Furthermore, her Youtube channel is a family-based channel where she uploads DIYs, life hacks, challenges, product testing along with her family.

Likewise, she uploaded her first video on 25th October 2015. ‘Late night cravings with The Navalua Family’, this video has gained 160K views. Similarly, her early videos include videos like, ‘Chubby Bunny Challenge’ in this video she did the challenge with her children.

Likewise, videos like ‘Meet and Greet!! We Got Kicked Out of the Mall!!!’, ‘Tratando De Hacer Slime Hablando Espanol’, ‘Reading Fam Mail!!! W/Ameerah, Jamileh, and Charlie’.

Moreover, her most popular videos include, ‘I’ll Buy What Ever You Can Carry For Your Birthday’. This video was made for the birthday of her daughter Jamileh and it has gained 2.6Million views.

Similarly, another highly viewed video is ‘Etsy Slime Restock Over 200 Slimes LIVE! which has gained 2.5Million Views.

Likewise her videos like ‘Pause Challenge Extreme Edition’, ‘Cheap vs Expensive Christmas Presents’, ‘Dulce Navidad- The Navalua Family’, ‘Grandma Buurda Teached us How To Dance’ has gained over 1Million views.


Caption: Jeddah along with her children making Slime video. Source: Instagram

Similarly, she also uploads challenge videos on her channel. Her most recent videos include, ‘Real Vs Candy Challenge’, ‘Spicy or not challenge’, ‘Coke and Mentos Challenge’, ‘Spicy vs Sweet Food Challenge’.

Moreover, besides uploading videos on her Youtube challenge, she also has a family blog where she writes content related to Cyber Bullying and Body Shaming. She has spoken about bullies she and her family have faced and writes against it.


Caption: Jeddah with her daughters supporting anti-bullying. Source: Instagram

Jeddah Navalua’s husband

Jeddah is married to Israel Navalua. However, there is no information regarding how they met and how their relationship started. Furthermore, the couple has three kids named, Ameerah Navalua, Jamileh Navalua, and Charlie Navalua.

Their eldest son Charlie Navalua was born on 10th July 1997 in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a Youtuber too. Likewise, their second child Jamileh was born on 13th May 1999 in Arizona too.


Caption: Jeddah with her children. Source: Instagram

Furthermore, Jamileh became an advocate for anti-body shaming and anti-bullying and she often uses the hashtag #slaythehate in her social media.

Similarly, her third child is also a famous Youtuber and her name is Ameerah Navalua. She was born on 24th October 2003. She is the youngest among Navalua siblings and has her own Youtube channel ‘JustAmeerah’.

Body Measurement

Jeddah has an average height. However, there is no information regarding how much she weighs and other body measurements. Furthermore, she has fair-looking skin with blonde hair and hazel-colored eyes.

Net worth

Jeddah is a Youtuber whose content is basically DIYs, Life hacks, challenges, and Product testing. Through Youtube, she has been able to accumulate quite a fortune.

Likewise, her total net worth is $350 thousand. However, there is no such information regarding her asset values.