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England, Northampton
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England, Northampton

Jason VeeOneEye is one of the popular YouTubers. Jason VeeOneEye is famously known for his large hairdo. It simple goes by the name VeeOneEye. Follow to know more details about his personal and professional life.

Early life

Jason VeeOneEye’s birthdate is on September 12, 1992. Also, he was born in Northampton, England. As for 2020, the YouTube star is 28 years old. Moreover, his astrological sign is Virgo. Nevertheless, his nationality, as well as ethnicity, is not known to anyone.

Jason VeeOneEye's sister

Caption: Jason VeeOneEye’s sister and her baby (Instagram)

Woefully, the social media star has never spoken about her family members such as his mother, father, siblings, and many more. Likewise, there are no facts and figures available about his family members’ names, ages, and occupations as well. Not only this, his childhood interest and days are also not explained in any of the sources of information. He has a sister with whom he is very close.


Particularly, Jason VeeOneEye is a YouTube and a social media star and not a part of the Hollywood industry. Hence, some of the particulars are not clearly announced or stated. We can see that many of the celebrities’ educational details are known through many information sources. But it’s not the case for the YouTuber.

Therefore, the academic background and the educational details are not made public which is related to Jason VeeOneEye. However, it seems as if he has completed his appropriate and required completion in his academic studies. The names and the locations of the college, school, or the university in which Jason has been involved are not revealed.

Career and Professional life

By profession, Jason is a YouTuber. The name of his YouTube channel is VEE3RDEYE. The channel seems to be quite popular. On top of that, it is verified as well. All in all, he has been able to gain about 493K subscribers to date. Initially, he had started her career on the date of 13 January 2012.

Besides, he has also experienced his professional work with several YouTubers. And the name of the YouTubers is thisbedottie, Lukeisnotsexy, and Pattywalters. Talking about his famous YouTube channel, his contents are extremely interesting and is unique. It seems as if his video contents on YouTube are no related to a specific topic or field. In other words, the contents he keeps on posting are quite versatile. Which means, some of the times, his videos are related to nature, while the other times, his videos include the philosophical matters, money, television shows, songs, lifestyle, and various kind of vlogs as well.

Jason VeeOneEye Mirror Selfie

Caption: Jason VeeOneEye Mirror Selfie (Instagram)

Until now, his most viewed videos are a video he posted it on March 3, 2019, that is two years ago. The title of the video is Why My Voice is Weird. Astonishingly, the video was able to receive approximately 7.6 million views. This is the highest viewed video among all his other videos. Further, the video gained more or less 133k likes and 16k dislikes. Recently, he was active in the channel about four months ago.

Net Worth

As a YouTuber, the appropriate and exact net worth details are not disclosed. Nevertheless, he seems to have a net worth in between the range of $1 million and $5 million according to the surface estimation. Additionally, the YouTube star has never mentioned or claimed about the particulars which are related to his annual salary, monthly salary, personal belongings, and other endorsements.

The only fact known about Jason is that his main source of income is through her YouTube channel. The revenue generation through Youtube is dependent on the views, likes, and shares received by the videos on it. As the income from YouTube is not the same all the time, his income details estimation cannot be done reliably.

Relationship status

Based on recent research, he has been in a relationship with a YouTuber. And the name of the YouTuber is Marina Joyce. She is also one of the famous and well-known YouTube stars. Amazingly, she has in total of 2.12 million subscribers on her own YouTube channel. The ex-couple were together in the year, 2014. Unfortunately, they could not be together after a certain time. Currently, Jason does not seem to be in a relationship with anyone after the breakup. He is not much open about his matters in public.

Body Measurement and Social Media

Sadly, most of the information regarding Jason is not revealed. Similarly, his exact body measurements, height, and weight are unavailable through all the sources of information. By the same token, there are no facts about his dress size and shoe size as well. Uniquely, he has green colored eyes and blue colored hair.

Jason VeeOneEye Body Measurement

Caption: Jason VeeOneEye Body Measurement (Instagram)

The prominent social media star does not seem to be active on Facebook. Conversely, he has accounts on both Instagram as well as Twitter. On Instagram, he has 24.8k followers under the username @veeoneeye. On the other hand, he has approximately 138.9k followers on Twitter. And his username on it is @VEE3RDEYE.