Jason Raich

Jason Raich

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Updated On April 4, 2022
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Jason Raich got infamous after being accused of assaulting Jennifer Chen. Jennifer Chen is a Canadian woman who was the victim.

Early life

Jason Raich’s date of birth and place of birth is not known yet. Similarly, he has not yet unfolded. Other sources also have not mentioned any details related to his early life and childhood experience. The details like parents, education, siblings, family, etc are still yet covered. The person has highly preferred to keep his parent and life away from the media attention.

Jason Raich and Jennifer Chen

Therefore, Jason Riach, a Beverly Hills inhabitant was blamed for the attack. Similarly, Jennifer Chen is a 30-year-old Canadian Asian lady. Thus, he was faulted for hitting her all over in the parking area of a mall. On September 2021, around 4:25 pm, the incident has happened on the fifteenth at The Balcony on Beverwil. When Jennifer Chen was endeavoring to leave her vehicle, it began. Therefore, he was behind her sounding his horn over and again. During the time, she was taking too long to even consider stopping.

Jason Raich

Caption: Jason Raich and Jennifer Chen. Source(Asian Dawn)

The girl left her vehicle and was trusting that a companion will get her child from school. And, at the time,  the person allegedly moved toward her vehicle. He started shouting a bigoted affront, and hit her while she was sitting in the vehicle. After the occurrence, Later, she followed the man and recorded him however he denied hitting her, after the occurrence. Therefore, she said that she was bothering him.

We can clearly see a person moving toward a vehicle. Meanwhile, and arriving at his hand through the window on security video got by the person in question.  Besides that, the girl who trust him was available with his two little kids. Therefore, he is relied upon to go to a similar school as Chen’s child.

 Raich’s arrest

Point to be noted, no, Jason Riach has not been captured for the attack yet. Likewise, he has gotten a great deal of disdain, after the supposed assault. She announced the occasion by calling the West Los Angeles Police Department and announced the occasion. Generally, she is genuinely and intellectually scarred because of the misfortune.

Since the attack occurred so quickly, she had no clue about what was happening. Therefore, she declared Riach shouted ‘f***ing Asians’ at her while punching her. As of now, she mentions that Jason is cuffed for his supposed wrongdoings. Furthermore, she likewise asked the Asian people group for help.

Lately, netizens have been besieging web-based media, arguing for Jason’s capture. Therefore, as of now still, he can’t seem to comment on the circumstance. As of now, many individuals are blaming the situation for being a “disdain wrongdoing” against Asians. According to the people, in case Riach is seen as blameworthy, he might confront a battery of charges.

Personal life

Jason Raich has been private about spreading any information related to his personal life. He did not receive fame due to his good deed also. And, he is widely recognized as a criminal, and no other details about him are disclosed. Besides that, no family members have been spotted or came to inform of the media attention.

Body measurement and social media

No clear photo of Jason Raich is available on the web. But according to the photo revealed, he is a bit old and wears glasses. Therefore, Jason has white hair color and his eye color is not available yet. Similarly, it seems like the person is not active on any social media platforms. Also, he might have kept has kept his accounts private to get out of media attention.

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