Jake Burton Carpenter

Jake Burton Carpenter

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Updated On June 21, 2022
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Jake Burton Carpenter was a snowboarder and entrepreneur from Manhattan, New York City, the United States. Jake Burton Carpenter is also the founder of “Burton Snowboards” and the creator of the modern-day snowboard.

Early Life

Jake Burton Carpenter’s birthdate is 29th April 1954, his birthday is Saturday, and his birthplace is Manhattan, New York City, U.S. Burton holds an American nationality and he was following the Christian religion too. Similarly, the zodiac sign of Jake Burton Carpenter is Taurus. Jake Burton is the smallest child of his parents and the name of his parents are Katherine Carpenter and Edward Carpenter. Jake’s father was an investment banker. Burton also has siblings and their names are George Wright, Katherine McCallum, and Carolyn Wright.

Burton was raised in Stowe, Vermont. Unfortunately, his brother, Corporal George Carpenter passed away on 17th February 1967. At that time, Jake’s brother was just fourteen years old and was working at the time of the Marine Corps in Vietnam. After 4 years, his mom, Katherine passed away due to Leukemia in the year 1971. As for his educational background, Jake Burton first went to Marvel wood School of Cornwall, Connecticut. Then, he went to Brooks School, North Andover, Massachusetts.

For his further studies, Jake Burton went to The University of Colorado at Boulder. Moreover, he confessed that his aim of studying in the university was to go into the university’s ski team. At that time, this university was the leading NCAA champ. Also, Jake Burton was suffering from an automobile accident, leading to the end of his skiing career.  After then, Jake went to the New York University from where he achieved his Bachelor’s degree in the field of Economics in the year 1977.

Jake Burton Carpenter

Caption: Jake Burton Carpenter when he was young (Source: Snowboarder Magazine)


On 20th November 2019, Jake Burton Carpenter passed away in Burlington, Vermont, U.S. Jake Burton Carpenter was just sixty-five years old when he died. Before his death, Jake Burton Carpenter quit his firm on 11th December 2014 due to his knee injury. After Jake got his knee replaced, he was transported to Copley hospital, located in Vermont. In the reports, there were some marks of Miller Fisher syndrome in Jake’s body which is an unusual kind of Guillain-Barre syndrome. Moreover, the same disease made him paralyzed for some weeks due to which Jake was just able to move his hands.

 Career and Professional Life

After completing his college studies, Jake Burton Carpenter was serving for a minor investment banking organization in Manhattan. After some time, Jake Burton started working for twelve hours a day. Then, Jake Burton sensed the request to get back to the slopes. While Jake was serving from a barn situated in Londonderry, Vermont, he got better on the Snurfer. Snurfer is a simple toy snowboard that presented a rope to permit the rider certain simple control above the board.

In his interview with NPR’s “How I Built This” when originally marketing his snowboards, Jake said, “I remember once going out with 38 snowboards, visiting dealers in New York State, and came back with 40 because one guy gave me two back he had bought.” To the late-1970s, Jake Burton Carpenter went on to join a minor team of constructors who had started marketing snowboards with design features like a bentwood laminate core and also a rigid binding that seized the board decisively to the wearer’s boot.


In the year 1979, the American snowboarder became the winner of the Open Division. He also received a $300 prize at the National Surfing Contest that happened in Muskegon, Michigan. Jake was also attributed with emerging the economic ecosystem around snowboarding being a lifestyle, sport, and culture, additionally to premier board manufacturer. Moreover, Jake Burton Carpenter is still one of the world’s biggest snowboard and snowboarding equipment producers from the late 1980s.

Previously, Carpenter was a part of the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame. The American snowboarder has lived from numerous health scares in his older years. Such as, Jake Burton went through knee injuries, pulmonary embolism, testicular cancer, and event with the Miller Fisher variant of Guillain–Barré syndrome. Guillian-Barre syndrome is an unusual and thoughtful neurological illness. In addition, Burton was one of 6 members who got honored in the Tribeca Film Festival Disruptive Innovation Awards on 27th March 2015.

Jake Burton Carpenter

Caption: Jake Burton Carpenter snowboarding (Source: Instagram)

Net Worth

Jake Burton Carpenter has been earning a great amount of money in his whole professional career. The recent estimated net worth of Jake Burton Carpenter must be around $300 million. Jake Burton Carpenter has been earning all these fortunes from his career as a snowboarder and entrepreneur too. Moreover, Jake’s family and company revenue in total was around $700 million. Jake Burton Carpenter was living a luxurious life while he was still alive.

Relationship Status

While Jake Burton Carpenter was still alive, he was residing in Stowe, Vermont, together with his wife and son. The name of Jake Burton Carpenter’s wife is Donna Gaston who was working as a CEO. Jake and his wife loved each other very much, in fact, Jake realizes the worth of having women in situations of authority and leadership inside the secretly detained firm. Jake got to meet his wife, Donna Gaston for the first time at a party of the 1985 New Year’s Eve.

After almost a year of knowing each other, the couple got married in Greenwich Connecticut. Till the year 1985, the couple went to reside in Austria to make a European base where Donna was focusing on the spreading arm. After 4 years, the couple gave birth to their first child, George Burton Carpenter, in Rutland, Vermont. Then, the couple gave birth to their 2nd child, Taylor Gaston Burton Carpenter in Burlington. Happily, the couple again became the parents of their 3rd child, Timi Eaton Burton Carpenter in 1996.

Jake Burton Carpenter

Caption: Jake Burton Carpenter with his wife (Source: Instagram)

Body Measurement and Social Media

Regarding the body measurements of Jake Burton Carpenter, he had a suitable bodyweight with a good height. However, there are no further details regarding the body measurements, height, weight, and shoe size of Jake Burton Carpenter. However, it is for sure that Jake Burton Carpenter has dark brown eyes with dark blonde hair. As an athlete, Jake Burton Carpenter had a good and well-maintained body type.

Talking about the appearance of Jake Burton Carpenter on social media platforms, he was quite active there when he was still alive. Jake Burton Carpenter was active on Instagram and also on Facebook. On Instagram, Jake Burton Carpenter has gained over 80.1 thousand followers. Likewise, there are more than seven hundred people on Jake Burton Carpenter’s Facebook Page. Since Jake Burton Carpenter is not alive now, so no one can use his social media accounts.