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Jake Baker

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Jake baker was known as a serial killer who murdered and ate over a hundred men. Jake Baker was indicted for six counts of violating 18 U.S.C. § 875(c)

Early life

In March 1974, Abraham Jacob Alkhabaz aka Jake baker was born. His birth place is not available. Additionally, he was a student at the University of Michigan College for Literature, Science, and Arts. Besides, non of the sites have revealed his early life, parents, siblings, and more.


Jake Baker started submitting pornographic stories depicting fantasies of rape, in October 1994. Therefore, he also submitted torture, and murder to the alt. sex. stories Usenet group. To one of his classmates, he submitted a story to alt. sex. stories detailing a fantasy about the rape, torture, and murder, on January 9, 1995.  Thus, he shared it with a friend named Jane Doe. Similarly, the victim wishes not to be named as this has affected her life in many harmful ways. In the University of Michigan authorities, his story was seen.

Later, he was arrested, determined to be a threat to the subject of his story as well as the rest of the student population. And, he was arrested by the FBI, on February 9, 2995. Additionally, he was later indicted for six counts of violating 18 U.S.C. § 875(c). Also, it prohibits interstate communications containing threats to kidnap or injure another person. By emails between him and Gonda, five of the counts were determined. From the story about Jane Doe, the sixth count was determined.

Communicating a threat by publishing the story about “Jane Doe” on the Internet, was one of the counts. Therefore, it was dropped against Baker. The case against him was dismissed by Judge Avern Cohn due to a lack of evidence, on June 21, 1995.  It was stated that he would actually act out his fantasies. Later, on January 29, 1997, the Government appealed this decision. In addition, the 6th US Court of Appeals upheld the decision of the lower court.


As a danger o the community, the Magistrate Judge ordered him detained. Furthermore, the United States District Court affirmed his detention. Thus, this Court ordered a psychological evaluation, upon his motion to be released on bond. Moreover, he posed no threat to the community, when the evaluation concluded.

Eventually, Court ordered Baker’s release. It was stated by free speech advocated that the Government violated his First Amendment right. Additionally, others defended the Government’s case by stating their stories. Where it was stated his storied are filth and snuff and that he was intending to act on them.

Moreover, stated that his stories were created as a form of therapy. And, also said he could act out his anger in a “harmless”, legal way. Hence, he also stated that he was role-playing in his emails to Gonda. And, he added that he did not intend to act on his fantasies. It was being watched by Internet advocates and was not only about obscenity and threats.

Further, his stories were published over a wide medium, and since the Internet is a medium beyond borders. Later on, he was charged with communicating a threat over interstate lines. Therefore, it was a charge that may have not been able to hold. It is also said that this case set a precedent for free speech on the Internet.

Personal life

As per the sources, Jake Baker was a married man and was married to Marguerite. In addition, he has a son named Lucas and an adopted daughter named Eveline and Mia. It is said that his family also coordinated with him for the crime.

Body measurement and social media

No details related to Jake baker’s body measurement are revealed but, he has blue pairs of eyes and brown hair color. Also, Jake has not been active on any social media sites.

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