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Isabella Guzman Age, Net Worth & All Biography - Updated Dec 2022

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Updated On November 6, 2022

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United States

Isabella Guzman became a social media sensation. Isabella Guzman had Schizophrenia and murdered her mum, Yun Mi Hoy, with a knife.

Early Life

She was born in the month of June 1995. Her age is now 27 years old. Her country of origin is the United States. Isabella is of mixed race and has Hispanic ancestors.

Robert Guzman is her biological father and Yun-Mi Hoy is her mother. Furthermore, she is Ryan Hoy’s stepdaughter.

Her upbringing was abusive and she was sexually assaulted by members of her family while she was young. She wanted to convert her faith to Jehovah, which enraged her family even more.

Similarly, she admitted that her mother’s behavior was not pleasant and that they often clashed, at times physically abusing each other.

She has not shared any detail about her high school or university when she was in school.

Social Media

Since becoming a suspect, Isabella Guzman has had 2,289 Instagram followers. In reality, she isn’t very involved on social media. She is most well-known on TikTok, where she has millions of followers.

Professional Life

Isabella Guzman rose to notorious fame after violently stabbing and killing her mother in 2013. Her mother has been the victim of a robbery. Yun Mi Hoy, her girlfriend, was stabbed 151 times.

On August 28, she stabbed her mother in the chest, stomach, and torso in their Aurora home. Her stepfather referred her to the police at the time.

Her defense counsel pled not guilty due to insanity in court. She was not imprisoned. Instead, she was admitted to the Pueblo State Hospital for treatment.

She murdered her mother and quickly gained attention on TikTok after her video of the court went viral, with 138.9 million people watching it.

Isabella Guzman criminal case

Caption: Isabella Guzman on her criminal case Tv cast (Source: CNN)

Net Worth

Her net worth is not available. Since she is charged with murdering her mother she might be obvious inside the jail. She is not earning any money.

Personal Life

Isabella Guzman was dating a guy called Parricide when she was on the verge of a breakup. She was having an affair with him at the time she murdered her mother.

However, there are currently no records of their partnership. Despite the fact that she formerly had a lover, we can now believe that she is probably single.

Body Measurements

Her height is possibly 5 foot 6 inches. Isabella Guzman is of medium height and weight. She also has light skin, long black hair, and dark eyes.