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Updated On November 8, 2023
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Hsueh Chun Liao Douglas

Hsueh Chun Liao Douglas is a Taiwanese Artist and the Third wife of the 12th Marquess of Queensberry David. Moreover, she is widely famous for being the Marchioness of Queensberry.

Early Life and Childhood

Hsueh Chun Liao Douglas was born Hsueh Chun Liao in Taiwan. Her exact date of birth is not revealed so her zodiac sign is also an unknown fact to the date. Further, her father’s name and her mother’s name are also not available in the media. She came to the limelight for being the third wife of David Harrington Angus Douglas.

Moving into the educational background, Hsueh Chun Liao Douglas has not revealed her school’s name, college’s name, or any other information related to her academics.

Professional Life

Regarding her career, Hsueh Chun Liao Douglas used to work as an artist in Taiwan before her marriage to David. David Harrington Angus Douglas, the 12th and current Marquess of Queensberry, was born on 19 December 1929. He studied at Eton College and served in the Royal Horse Guards.

In 1950, Hsueh Chun Liao Douglas worked in the pottery industry. Further, David was a Professor of Ceramics at the Royal College of Art from 1959 to 1983. He was a Member of the Council of the Crafts Council as well as the President of the Design and Industries Association from 1976 to 1978. Similarly, he is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers and recipient of the Minerva Medal, the Society’s highest award. Likewise, David was a Senior Fellow of the Royal College of Art from 1990. David succeeded the Marquisate in 1954.

Relationship Status

Hsueh Chun Liao Douglas married David Harrington Angus in 2000. She was the third wife of David. From their relationship, the couple gave birth to their daughter Lady Beth Douglas in 1999. Moreover, after their marriage, Hsueh was famed as the Marchioness of Queensberry on 3 July 2000.

Lady Beth Shan Ling Douglas stepped into the world on 7 August 1999. She passed away on 7 March 2018 at age 18 due to a drug overdose.

David married three times. He married his first wife Anne Jones in 1956, daughter of Maurice Sinnett Jones. He gave birth to two daughters from a relationship with Anne. Later the couple divorced in 1969. Later in 1969, he married Alexandra Mary Clare Wyndham Sich. With Mary, he had three sons and one daughter. However, the pair divorced in 1986. And thirdly in 2000, he married Hsueh Chun Liao Douglas.

Hsueh Chun Liao Douglas – Body Measurement 2022

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