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Hans Berglund

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Uppsala, Sweden
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Uppsala, Sweden

Hans Berglund is a well-known Swedish businessman from Uppsala, Sweden. Hans Berglund was the former CEO of AgroPlasma, an Arizona-based company. He did, however, use racist slurs against Uber drivers.

Early Life

Hans Berglund

Caption: Hans Berglund with his wife (Source: Canal Midi)

Hans Berglund, CEO of AgroPlasma, was born in 1949 in Uppsala, Sweden to his parents. Aside from that, there are no additional details about Hans’ parents, siblings, or early childhood life. Given Hans’ success, we can believe that he was well-raised as a child by his parents in his hometown.

Hans attended Eriksbergsskolan, according to his qualification or academic performance. He, on the other hand, has a double degree in Business Administration and Management.

Professional life

Hans Berglund

Caption: Hans Berglund founded the company Agroplasma Inc. (Source: ABC News)

Hans Berglund founded and worked as CEO of the fertilizer supply company Agroplasma Inc. Jeffrey Zeihmer took over as Interim CEO in his place. In 2018, he joined the organization and demonstrated leadership abilities and now he is CEO of the company again. In addition, from 1999 to 2000, he participated in a number of racing competitions. Mr. Music, a record label company, was established by him in 1982. In 2006, he unexpectedly shut down his company and sold the music label.

According to its website, Hans Berglund founded the fertilizer supply company Agroplasma Inc. in Tempe in 2004. The Ferticell product line is sold by the company. Agroplasma is a leading provider of organic fertilizer to the US market, according to Organic Produce Network. Berglund claimed that it was American immigration laws that attracted him to the business. He was retired when he founded the company, according to OPN, and he was golfing every day and dreaming of joining the PGA’s Senior Tour.

Berglund said that in the early 2000s, he and his wife decided to raise their 2-year-old daughter in the United States and requested assistance from Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and his friend Jeb Bush. His lawyer told him to start a company in order to live in the United States. But then a friend pointed him to Agroplasma, and he got started.

Achievements and Net Worth

When it comes to awards and nominations, Hans hasn’t won them yet. Furthermore, based on Hans’ fame and growth, we can assume that he will undoubtedly win some of them in the coming years.

Hans Berglund has a net worth of $10 million US dollars. He has amassed such wealth as a result of his work in the Agroplasma business, which he founded. Besides that, there is no further information about his salary and other sources of income.

Relationship Status

Hans Berglund

Caption: Hans Berglund’s racial slur controversy (Source: ABC15 Arizona)

He entered into a marriage relationship with his wife, the identity of whom he could not find. Aside from that, there is no detail about their wedding date, location, previous relationship, extramarital affairs, or anything else. Hans Berglund has a daughter named Sabina Berglund. Furthermore, he lives with them in Arizona, United States.

In January 2020, he was reported of using racist slurs against Uber drivers, which caused a backlash. He kept calling the driver an N-word. On January 31, 2020, he traveled with Randy Clarke, a 25-year-old Arizona State University student. The two of them starting a verbal discussion. Despite his fight with Clarke, no one canceled the ride. The University student filed a lawsuit with Uber right away. Hans later apologized for his mistake in an interview with ABC15. Uber sent a statement as well, promising an investigation. Hans, on the other hand, was convicted in a reckless driving case in Scottsdale in 2013. Moreover, he is facing charges relating to dangerous driving and racial discrimination.

Body Measurement and Social media

Hans stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 75 Kg. Moreover, Hans has white hair and his eyes are black. Besides that, Hans’s body measurements are not available.

Hans is not active on any social media platforms. Hans likes to his personal and professional life private from the public and media.