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Updated On February 12, 2024
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GioFilms is an Australian YouTuber famous for his channel ‘GioFilms’. GioFilms does voice acts in a variety of Reddit readings.

Early Life and Childhood

He was born on 30th April 2004 and is currently 16 years old. His zodiac sign is Taurus. Likewise, he was born in Australia and his nationality is Australian. However, he has not revealed his real name in public. Likewise, he has not shared much information about his family members and siblings. s

He is fond of animals and often posts pictures of himself with Kangaroos on his Instagram account. Likewise, he loves the idea of being weird and making people laugh instead of following the norms. Furthermore, about his educational background, he is currently in high school. However, there is no information regarding the educational institution he enrolled in.

GioFilms – Career

He started his career on YouTube after he launched his channel ‘GioFilms’ in August 2015. Moreover, he began posting the content only in March 2019. Likewise, he created another channel on YouTube. His second channel was ‘GioFilms’ which was opened in December 2015. In this channel, he has posted many Reddit readings.

In this subcategory of re-editing people and brands make a product of nature but fail at it. Likewise, GiooFilm made a video series of r/crappydesign in which he read broken English or commented on a messed up picture. He has been dismayed by people putting pictures on cars, windows, or doors; as the pictures usually end up looking messed up. Likewise, he has also made comments on pictures of off-brand products mostly questioning how these brands are that bad.

Likewise, in the second channel GioFilms, his first re-edit post was ‘r/crappyoffbrands Best Posts #3’ in which he roasts some of the top brands. Moreover, this video has been able to gain a lot of attention and has crossed millions of views in no time. Likewise, with this success, his Reddit readings journey came on the rise and became popular for voice acting in a variety of Reedit posts. Similarly, beside r/crappydesign, r/crappyoffbrands, his reedit readings includes posts like, r/therewasanattempt, r/choodingbeggars, r/wooooosh, r/dontfundme, and r/iamverysmart. Currently, his channel ‘Giofilms’ has 1.17 million subscribers.

GioFilms – Achievements

Currently, there is no information about him receiving any awards or being nominated for any awards. However, as his YouTube followers are growing steadily with the growing support he is receiving in his social media he will surely gain lots of fame. They also earn money by selling their merch. Despite his popularity and fame, she has not received any brand endorsement deals as of now. However, it is possible that shortly, he might start to endorse brands.


Caption: Gio receiving the gold button from YouTube. Source: Instagram

GioFilms – Net Worth 2023

Similarly, he has earned quite a fame through his channel and his primary source of income is his YouTube channel. According to sources, his net worth is $2.1 million.

 Relationship Status

Reflecting upon his relationship status, He is straight and single, Currently, he is not in any romantic relationship with anyone. He is still in school and is currently more focused on his studies and career than committing to any romantic relationship.

Body Measurements

There is no information regarding his body measurement, height, and weight. He has an average height and is more likely to grow taller as he still is in his mid-teens. Likewise, looking at his physical appearance, he has fair skin with dark brown eyes and blonde hair color.

Social Media

Reflecting upon his social media status, he is active on various social media accounts. His re-edit account name is ‘/R/GIOFILMS’. Likewise, he also uses Patreon besides the YouTube channel. Similarly, he has a Merch account named ‘CROWDMADE’. Furthermore, he has an Instagram handle ‘biofilms having 37.2k followers. Similarly, he joined Twitter in February 2018 and has 26.2K followers on his @FilmsGio account.