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Genevieve Kang

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Updated On September 27, 2022
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Genevieve Kang is a well-known actress and assistant director from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Genevieve Kang has also been on several television shows. In 2019, she portrayed Miss Kennedy in Jett. She also appeared in the 2014 show The Strain.

Early Life and Education

Genevieve Kang was born in 1992 in her birthplace, Toronto, Ontario. Many details about Kang’s parents and family is unavailable, but we do know that she is of mixed race.

Aside from that, there is no further detail about her birthplace, race, parents, siblings, or early childhood life. Considering her success, we may believe that her parents raised her well in her hometown.

She attended a nearby high school while living in Canada. She shared how close she is to her mother in one of her Instagram posts.

She began her training in acting and directing after finishing high school. She has a master’s degree in drama and direction from a Canadian university.

Relationship Status

There are always celebrities who don’t share anything about their personal lives, and she is one of them.

Genevieve Kang has never talked of her lover or any affairs she might have had. But we do know that she is not married at the moment.

The rest of the time, she posts pictures with her peers as well as glimpses of her everyday life. When it comes to her gossip and controversy, she hasn’t been a part of them before now.

Aside from that, she is concentrating on her personal and professional lives. Furthermore, she prefers to stay away from gossip and controversy.

Genevieve Kang

Caption: Genevieve Kang with her co-star from the Netflix series Locke & Key (Source: Instagram)

Body Measurements

Kang is also a dietitian who maintains an Instagram account to help people. The lady has a beautiful body and she has kept herself in excellent health. Genevieve Kang, an actress, is proud of her 5 feet 5-inch height.

She has a slim build and weighs 55 kilograms. She is a woman with dark brown eyes and long black hair.

Genevieve Kang

Caption: Genevieve Kang’s body measurement (Source: Instagram)

Professional Life

Genevieve Kang moved to the United States after finishing her training and studies. She began her career as an actress and director here.

Kang has starred in web series and has contributed to YouTube originals. In the year, there was a horror show called The Strain.” She took on the role of Jax. The show became incredibly successful.

She has also appeared in Impulse and other Jett-related shows. She is well-known in the Hollywood industry for her acting ability.

We may expect her to star in a few films shortly. She is also an actress and assistant director of the Netflix series Locke & Key. She has worked in the film industry as both an actress and a director.

She also maintains blogs where she posts recipes and other health-related information. The lady also included a link in her Instagram profile.

Kang is also a social worker. She is involved with the reforestation organization “One Tree Planted.” It is a non-profit organization that grows a tree for $1.

Genevieve Kang

Caption: Genevieve Kang in the Netflix series Locke & Key (Source: Instagram)

Net Worth

She now resides in Los Angeles and has a luxurious apartment. Many details about her possessions and net worth are unavailable, but sources estimate her net worth to be about $250k.

Social Media

She is pretty active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. On her Instagram account, she has more than 47.7k followers and 1.1k followers on her Twitter account.

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