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Updated On December 18, 2022

Gujarat, India
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Gujarat, India

Gangubai Kathiyawadi is an Indian Don, Sex worker, criminal and controversial personality. Gangubai Kathiyawadi was one of the most feared women of Mumbai’s Underworld. Likewise, a movie based on her life and played by Alia Bhatt is expected to release soon.

Early Life and Childhood

Gangubai Kathiyawadi was born in the year 1939. Her birth name was Ganga Harjivandas. However, Gangubai’s exact date of birth is not available on the internet. Gangubai belonged to the Indian nationality.

Moving on to her family, Gangubai was born into a prestigious family. She was born in Kathiawad, Gujarat, India. Likewise, she wanted to become an actress since childhood. The names of Gangubai’s parents are not available on the internet. Moreover, She was the only child of her parents. Gangubai grew up in Kathiawad with her parents. Similarly, Her parents made sure to fulfill every desire.


Gangubai Kathiyawadi went on to attend a government school and high school. During her high school year, she fell in love with Ramnik Lal. Ramnik was her father’s accountant. Likewise, the pair eloped and tied the knot with each other. However, Ramnik Lal had other plans. Ramnik sold Gangubai to a brothel in Mumbai for mere 500 Indian rupees. Likewise, the difficult life of Mumbai’s red light turned her into a tough lady.


She died in her house in Kamathipura because of cardiac arrest. Though she was a brothel woman, she won many admirers with her kind heart. Even today, her idols and photo frames decorate many walls in Kamathipura.

Career and Profesional Life

Gangubai Kathiyawadi turned into a tough lady after she was sold into prostitution. During that time, Karim Lala and the infamous don used to rule over the area. The goons of Karim Lala had raped Gangubai. Following the event, she went to Karim for justice and even tied Rakhi to him. Tying a rakhi means that the two individuals have developed a brother-sister-like relationship with each other.

After a few years in prostitution, she went on to become one of the most dreaded pimps of Kamathipura. Likewise, during the 60s, she was known as the Madam Of Kamathipura. She predominantly owned a brothel in Hera Madi’s red-light district. Although she was a tough and dreaded lady, she had a soft corner for women who were sold into prostitution. Gangubai used to care for them like a mother. During one of the incidents, she fought with an infamous gang that raped a girl from her brothel. Likewise, she never forced any girl into prostitution.

In addition to her tough nature, she worked for the improvement of conditions for sex workers and orphan kids. In a meeting with Nehru, she expressed a proposal to improve the living standards in a brothel. Moreover, Gangubai has connections with many infamous gangsters in Mumbai. Although she had been blessed with good leadership qualities, she was also involved in the drug trade and gave orders for murders too.


Caption: The poster of the movie Gangubai Kathiadwadi(Source: Instagram)

Likewise, in recent times, Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has bought the rights to produce a film based on her life. Alia Bhatt will be appearing in the role of Gangubai. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the movie is put on hold. The movie is expected to release on 30th July 2021.

Gangubai Kathiyawadi – Net Worth 2022

Gangubai Kathiyawadi was one of the richest women of that era. Although she lived in the slums of Mumbai, she was the only woman to own a black Bentley. Likewise, she owned several brothels in Mumbai. She earned a fair deal of wealth through her brother and other crimes.

Gangubai Kathiyawadi – Relationship Status

Gangubai fell in love with Ramnik Lal. The pair married each other while Gangubai was only 16 years old. However, she was sold into prostitution for a mere amount of 500 Indian rupees.


Gangubai Kathiyawadi had involved in the drug trade. Likewise, she also gave orders fur murders as well.