Gabriel González

Gabriel González

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Gabriel González Videla is a former member of the Radical party politician and a former lawyer. Moreover, Gabriel González was the President of Chile from 1946 to 1952.

Early life

Gabriel González Videla was born on 22nd November 1898 in the coastal city of La Serena. He was born to his parents González Castillo and Teresa Videla Zepeda. He was the oldest among his seven siblings and was of Spanish descent. Gabriel graduated from Liceo de La Serena and later joined the University of Chile in order to study law. However, his father got paralyzed due to tragedy in the same year of his graduation. Due to his father’s disability, he had to return to La Serena to help his family.

Gabriel joined Radical party youth during his college years. Likewise, later he became a member of the Radical  Assembly of La Serena. In 1924 he was involved in protests against the military government established by Luis Altamirano. Gonzalez had to go into hiding after he made a declaration with the president. However, he was able to continue his political activities after the Ibáñez’s government fell in 1931, and became the president of the radical party from 1931-1837.

Career and professional life

In 1946 Gabriel finally won the Radical party primaries. He made a decision to bring back the Democratic Alliance that brought Juan Antonio Ríos to power in 1942. However, he was unsuccessful as the Socialist Party denounced the offer of alliance. Likewise, Gonzalez was only able to get support from his Radical party and the Communist party. However, Gonzalez won 40% of the vote Since González did not reach the necessary 50%, the election went to Congress. He was luckily confirmed on October 24 that year.

Gabrial was elected as the President of Chile in 1946. Due to the International cold war, Chile quickly got tangled in the cold war because of the Moscow and Washington affair. The cold war resulted in the splitting of the worker’s union. Even with the presidency power, Gonzalez had a fallout with his Communist allies. The communist demanded more seats which he refused. Later the communist party refused their support. Moreover, in 1948 he learned of a plot by some members of the Armed Forces to lead a coup against him and install Carlos Ibáñez as president.

Gabrial Gonzalez

Caption: President Gabriel in a press meeting Source: BCN

Retirement and Death

After his presidency ended in 1952, He was mentioned in 1958 in the party primaries. However, later he announced that he will not seek the presidency. Later, he actively campaigned for Radical candidate.

When the work was over he completely retired and later died of cardiac arrest in 1964 at the age of 81.

Achievements and Net worth

Gabriel González Videla has been able to achieve a lot throughout his career. Moreover, he has been elected for the post of president of the country.

Gabriel González Videla is a former member of the Radical party politician and a former lawyer. Moreover, Gabrial was the President of Chile from 1946 to 1952. Moreover, his estimated net worth is supposed to be around 100k USD to 1 million USD.

Relationship status

Gabriel was married. He was married to Rosa Markmann in 1926. Gabriel had a lot of controversies for his about-face. he also had a lot of controversies for his presidential decisions.

Body measurements and social media

Gabriel’s body measurements are unknown. However, he has a pair of dark brown colored eyes and has light brown hair.

Former president Gabriel doesn’t have any social media accounts. Likewise, in his time there wasn’t anything like Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.