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Updated On February 12, 2024
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FusionZGamer is an American YouTube gamer. FusionZGamer is a walkthrough and Let’s Play YouTuber with an emphasis on the series ‘Five Nights Freddy’s.

Early Life

FusionZGamer was born as Brenden on September 4, 1997. He is from the United States of America and was residing in Florida during his YouTube career. Brenden age 26 years old currently.

Reflecting on his family background, he has a brother but his name is not disclosed. Moreover, there is no information regarding his educational background.


Caption: FusionZGamer clicking a selfie with Tetra Ninja. Source: Twitter

Personal Life and Body Measurements

FusionZGamer has a reserved personality and has kept his personal life away from the public eye. He has not reportedly been in a relationship. However, even though he dated someone earlier, he never spoke about it.

So, as of now, his relationship status is single and he is not dating anyone at the moment. The famous and talented gamer has brown eyes and hair of the same color. He has an average height and weight.

He has chubby cheeks and a fair skin color. However, he surely has an amazing and charming personality.

FusionZGamer – Social Media

FusionZGamer is active on some of the social networking sites. His main YouTube channel has amassed more than 2.32 million followers. And his ‘Fusion’ YouTube channel has gained over 74.5K subscribers.

His Twitter account has earned over 41.7K followers. Similarly, his Instagram account has gathered more than 6K followers.

He doesn’t seem to be using his Instagram anymore as his last post was on March 4, 2016. Moreover, his Facebook page has earned over 3K followers.


FusionZGamer is a famous YouTube gamer who has earned more than 2.32 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He does mostly horror games, especially fangames of the popular Indie Horror game ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s. Brenden has collaborations with ‘Darko’.

He is commonly known for putting clickbaity video titles and also smiling likes. Moreover, he is best known for FNaF-related content. Mostly fangames.

Occasionally he will play other horror games like Slendytubbies, Boogeyman, and a few others. Further, he is partnered with both Polaris and Twitch.

Brenden created his YouTube channel under the name ‘thezeldafan911’ in July of 2011, uploading his first video at that time as well. The video was titled “Black Ops-Shangri La Shoot Threw Walls Glitch”.

Moreover, he created a series in September of 2015 called “PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist”.


He created the channel on July 4, 2011. Some of the most popular videos are ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 2: Chica 2.0 Is BUILDING Foxy 2.0?! Or Is She Doing Something Else?’, ‘PLAY AS BALDI! |

Baldis Basics in Education and Learning (NEW)’, ‘PLAY AS PLAYTIME | Baldis Basics in Education and Learning ROBLOX (NEW)’, ‘PLAYING AS THE DEMOGORGON HUNTING STEVE AND NANCY

| Dead by Daylight Stranger Things Gameplay (DBD)’, and many more.

Furthermore, this gamer has a second YouTube channel named ‘Fusion’. It was created on March 11, 2012. Till now, she has not uploaded any videos. However, it has gathered over 74.3K subscribers.

Moreover, he joined his Twitter account in July 2013. His Instagram account has earned over 6K followers. However, he doesn’t seem to use it anymore as his last post was on March 4, 2016.


Caption: FusionZGamer in one of his YouTube videos. Source: YouTube

FusionZGamer – Net Worth 2024

This famous YouTube gamer has earned a huge number of fans and got a name and fame. He surely earns a good amount of money through his perfect social media career. As of September 2020, he has a net worth of around $2.4 million followers.