Finley Smallwood - Updated Jun 2023

Finley Smallwood is a child Instagram star with Cerebral Palsy. Finley Smallwood is renowned for her Inspirational Instagram account @fifiandmo which has grown to 134k followers. In her account, She shares a day to day activities with her mother.

Updated On May 18, 2023
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Finley Smallwood

Early Life

Finley Smallwood was born on July 21st of  2013 in California, USA. She was born with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, a disorder that makes her unable to move and maintain balance and posture. She is years old as of now. Josh Smallwood and Christina Smallwood adopted Finley.

They gave her the name Finley which means “fair warrior”. The identity of her birth mother is not known except for the fact she was a teenager when she was pregnant with Finley. She is currently studying in  Elementary School.

Baby Finley

Caption: Baby Finley with her mom Christina Source: Instagram

Health Issues

Christian tried endlessly to find the cure for her daughter’s illness which lead her to learn about SDR surgery which means Selective dorsal rhizotomy. A Selective dorsal rhizotomy is a surgery done on the lower spinal cord to reduce spasticity in the legs. Finley’s wish is to be able to dance.

She wanted to dance when she saw another child dance on the talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  She had her surgery on October 25, 2016, in St.Louis with Dr. Park which was possibly due to fundraising. Finley has been making progress slowly as she can walk 40 steps independently.

Professional Life

Finley Smallwood is a child Instagram star.  She shares her daily adventure with her mom Christina on the app. Besides that, she is also a student in elementary school. Her Instagram account displays the life of a person with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. The fun posts on her account help and inspire people to overcome difficulties and live life happily. Finley often promotes different products on her account.

Finley Smallwood

Caption: Finley promoting and giving away books Source: Instagram

Personal Life

As she is still a child, she doesn’t date anyone. There isn’t much information about her dating history. Finley is now the big sister to twins as seen on Christina’s Instagram.


Caption: Finley with her sibling’s Source: Instagram

Body Measurement

She has brown hair and her eyes are brown in color. Her details about height and weight are not available. She is very cute and has a very charming personality.

Finley Smallwood – Social Media

She has an Instagram account named @fifiandmo and it has 134k followers on the app. Christina Smallwood manages the [email protected]. Her mom’s account @@christinaasmallwood has 130k followers on the app. They also have their website named

Finley Smallwood – Net Worth 2023

There isn’t much information about her earnings. So her exact net worth is unknown.