Fima Shusterman

Fima Shusterman

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Updated On July 3, 2022
Ukraine, USA
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Ukraine, USA

Fima Shusterman is an American businessman and investor. Fima Shusterman is the father of Laura Shusterman and father-in-law of Michael Cohen.

Early Life

Fima Shusterman’s date of birth is missing. So, his age, his zodiac sign, and information related to his birth are unknown. He was born in Ukraine, USA. However, his parent’s information is also unknown. He is famous for being Laura’s father. However, in 1975, Fima moved to the USA and the rest of the family followed him as well.

Laura Shusterman was born in the year 1970. She is 51 years old as of 2021. Fima’s wife is Laura’s mother, Ania Shusterman. Moreover, his daughter, Laura is married to Michael Cohen. They together have two kids. They have a daughter named Samantha Blake Cohen and a son named Jake Ross Cohen. Fima is the grandfather of his grandchildren, Jake and Samantha.

Michael Cohen

Caption: Fima Shusterman’s daughter, son-in-law, Michael Cohen, and their kids. Source: Talking Points Memo


Fima is a professional businessman and investor. After moving to New York, eventually, he started buying up a fleet of taxis with his two business partners. Therefore, the first major misstep that spectators point to when referencing Shusterman’s alleged Russian mob ties is a 1993 conviction related to money laundering.

Moreover, Fima pleaded guilty to evading federal reporting requirements for large cash transactions. And, also admitted to cashing $5.5 million worth of checks in order to do so. After a year, Cohen married Shusterman’s daughter, Laura.

Moreover, the ‘New York Times’ story last year that revealed this history also reported that Fima began trying to help Cohen get work. And, Cohen soon began doing business with Russian and Ukrainian immigrants from communities in Brooklyn. It included Brighton Beach, a neighborhood heavily populated by immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

He contributed $20 million most recently to a Ukrainian couple by the name of Shtayner who operated a large taxi fleet in Chicago. And, the Shtayners were mentioned in the search warrants used to raid Cohen’s home and office. Moreover, early last summer, Bloomberg also reported that the Shusterman’s owned three units in Trump World Tower in Manhattan, two of which Cohen’s in-laws were trying to sell for a combined $11.2 million.

Further, one former federal investigator told journalist Seth Hettena that Fima called in a favor with Trump to get Cohen a job in the Trump Organization. And also, that Cohen could have been a conduit to Russian investors in Trump properties. However, Cohen denied this claim.

Body Measurements

Fima has not shown up in the public yet. Therefore, there is not even a picture of him on the internet. He has successfully maintained his personal life. So, his height, weight, hair color, eye color, and other details regarding his body stats are not available.

Social Media and Net Worth

Fima is a private man. Unfortunately, he is inactive on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. He has stayed away from social media and made his personal life low-key.

His net worth is also unknown. However, as a businessman, he surely earns a handful amount of money.