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FGTeeV Duddy

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Updated On June 26, 2022

FGTeeV Duddy is the main person behind numerous YouTube channels like ‘Doh Much Fun, ‘The Skylander Boy And Girl’ ‘FGTeeV’, and lastly ‘FV Family’. FGTeeV Duddy is an American YouTuber.

Early life and Childhood

Vincent Carter who is widely known as FGTeeV Duddy age is 47 years old man. He was born on October 29, 1974. Similarly, he was born in the United States of America. He is of the birth sign Scorpio. His parents are Tom Carter (Father) and Jody Carter (Mother). Likewise, he has two sisters named; Elyssa and Heidi. Following their brothers’ footsteps into the world of digital content creation, both his sisters run a YouTube channel called, ‘Funkee Bunch’.

FGTeeV Duddy

Duddy (Vincent) with his wife and kids taking a selfie. Source: Naibuzz


There are no records available on the web regarding Vincent’s educational history. Although he has an eye for digital content creation, it is not known if he ever got formally taught about it. Therefore, there are no records of the schools and colleges he went to in the past. Even if he did presume his further studies, he would have finished it by now.

Professional life

FGTeeV is a full-time YouTuber. He opened his first YouTube channel in December of 2006. His first-ever YouTube channel was FUNnel Vision. Even though he had opened a channel, he didn’t post any content on the channel in the beginning.

He posted his first video on the channel almost a year later he created it. The first-ever video on the channel was with his one-year-old daughter Alexis. Vincent aka Duddy regularly started posting on the channel from the year 2009.

FUNnel Vision, which started as a vlog channel, slowly turned into a family channel where they posted all kinds of content such as pranks, challenges, tricks, reactions videos, and many more. Their channel started gaining more and more subscribers over time and soon they crossed 7 million subscribers. This channel is loved by many people in America and also across the country.

The Skylander Boy And Girl Channel

After the birth of his second child; Michael shortly known as Mike created another YouTube channel specifically for his children in the year 2012. This channel was named ‘The Skylander Boy and Girl. His firstborn; Alexis was the skylander.

Similarly, his son was the skylander boy. Currently, this particular channel of their has 2.61 million subscribers. They post various content like unboxing videos, tricks, music, and much other fun stuff on this channel.

Similarly, Duddy created more YouTube channels after the success of their first two. His other channels include, ‘FGTeeV’ which is their gaming channel. He has 18.4 million subscribers. This channel was opened in May of 2013.

On this channel, they post-game reviews for their viewers, and to make it even more interesting some of their content available on the channel are skits or comedy plots, to keep their viewers entertained throughout the entire video.

FGTeeV Duddy

A thumbnail of one of their YouTube videos. Source: YouTube

Main Channel

Another one of their channels is Doh Much Fun. This channel came into existence in December 2017. This is a kids’ channel, of course, Duddy being the director and producer of it all. However, the main highlight of this channel is his kids. Doh Much Fun has 1.71 million subscribers to date. Likewise, their main family channel is FV Family.

The content in this channel is put together with the help of the entire family, which consists of four of Duddy’s children, his wife, and Duddy himself. The family channel has 7.61 million subscribers. It seems like their original channel FUNnel Vision is now obsolete and all their older contents are posted in their new family channel FV Family.

Net Worth

FGTeeV Duddy earns quite a sum from all the YouTube channels and content creation. Calculating his income from all of his channels his net worth might be roughly around $25 million.

He owns a house of his own where his entire family resides. His main source of income is his career as a digital content creator on Youtube. However, exact stats are not available at the moment.

Relationship Status

FGTeeV Duddy is happily married to his wife Samantha Ryan. Altogether, they have four children. Their firstborn child is Alexis Ryan. Similarly, Michael also known as Mike is his second child.

Likewise, his two other children are; Chase and Shawn. The couple along with their four children are happily living together while working together. Before his marriage to Samantha, there are no other records of him dating anyone else.

FGTeeV Duddy

Family picture of FGTeeV Duddy. Source: Instagram

Body Measurement and Social Media

FGTeeV Duddy has brunette hair. Similarly, he has sparkly brown eyes. He is of an average build. However, his accurate height, weight, and other such measurements are not available at the moment. Other details are still under review about his measurements.

He is on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. On Instagram, he is under the user name @fgteev. He has 473k followers on this account. Likewise, on Twitter, you can find his under @FGTeev. He has 20.5 k followers on his Twitter account. His YouTube channel has more than 20 million subscribers.