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Updated On February 12, 2024
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Toronto, Canada
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Toronto, Canada


ExplodingTNT is a Canadian YouTube star. ExplodingTNT is famous for his Minecraft machinimas and trolling videos which have amassed over 5 million subscribers on his channel.

Early Life and Childhood

ExplodingTNT is 26 years old as of 2023. He was born on February 20, 1997, in Toronto, Canada under the birth sign Pisces. His birth name is Saman Rajabian.

He was born to Canadian parents but has not mentioned his parents’ names. He has a younger brother whom he has featured on his channel. Similarly, he is famous as Andy Tsintaris. His family is very

Likewise, he belongs to Canadian parents but his ethnicity is still unknown.

Moving toward his educational background, he might have graduated at the University level but has not mentioned his educational institution’s name as well as in which subject he majored.


Caption: ExplodingTNT shared this photo with the caption “With my little brother” on his Instagram. Source: Instagram

Social Media

Being a social media star, ExplodingTNT is socially active on media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. He has gained a huge fan following.

On Instagram, he goes to handles @exploding_tnt with more than 28.5k followers and around 235.7k followers on his Twitter account. Likewise, he has about 404k  followers on his Facebook account.

In addition, he has over 5.16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Similarly, he has more than 182k subscribers on his secondary channel named TheTNTExploders.

Relationship Status

Reflecting on his relationship status, he might be single currently. He has not opened up about his personal life on social media handles.

However, he is busy focusing on his YouTube career right now. Therefore, he seems that he has not previously been involved in a relationship, and further, he might be pairing up with his perfect match in the future.

Moreover, he has not been involved in any kind of controversial acts as well as maintained a clean profile. Further, it’s tough being a social media star as everyone cannot be impressed by your stuff.

Similarly, he has also faced lots of negative comments as well as decreasing viewership but he overcomes it by looking up as well meeting many new people on YouTube.

Career and Professional Life

Talking about ExplodingTNT’s professional life, he initiated his career through a YouTube channel ‘ExplodingTNT‘ during his school level.

He was interested in making YouTube videos and created a gaming YouTube channel with a secret identity.

He does not want his peers to know about his online fame. Firstly, he initiated making videos of exploding statues.

Usually, he makes videos like “If _____ were in Minecraft”, where he describes strange things being added to Minecraft. Such tapes are famous on his channel.

Likewise, he used to watch videos of other popular Minecraft YouTubers of that time and he also learned that short humorous skit videos were in demand.

Similarly, he even decided to create similar content for his subscribers. Since then, he has been posting skits videos weekly regularly.

His channel became one of the famous Minecraft Machinima channels for skits on YouTube in 2014.

One of his most famous videos is “If Lava and Water Switched Places – Minecraft” with 17 million views.

Some of his notable uploads are “If Diamonds and Dirt Switched Places – Minecraft,” ” If Wood was Rare – Minecraft,” “If Diamonds and Wood Switched Places – Minecraft,” “If Minecraft was 18+,” and many more.

In addition, his favorite videos among his uploads are “If Roblox Took Over Minecraft,” “If Countries Were in Minecraft,” and “WHEN WILL EXPLODINGTNT DO A FACE REVEAL? | Minecraft Q&A,” “If Dads Took Over Minecraft,” “If Famous People Played Minecraft,” and many more.


Generally, his videos have cameos from different Minecraft YouTubers, like  SkyDoesMinecraft, JeromeASF, DanTDM, Failboat, and others.

He has also colluded with other YouTubers before, as his current best friends GameplayerHD, Failboat, AdamRodriguezGames, and many others.

Similar to ItsJerryAndHarry, his machinimas feature the characters talking with text atop their head. And he used voice actors as well, such as AdamRodriguezGames.

Likewise, he has also owned Minecraft minigame servers with GameplayerHD, called MCOrigins and The Nova. But MCOrigins has closed as of August 2019. Both games were featured in some of his videos.

Further, he also created a secondary channel titled TheTNTExploders and posted the first video captioned “How ExplodingTNT Plays Spleef” on July 18, 2011. However, this channel has not been active since a year ago.


Previously, he did not use to play Roblox. Later, he started playing Roblox, another game similar to Minecraft, with the help of Pink Sheep on the popular demand of fans. Minecraft is somehow similar to Roblox.

While playing Roblox, he was pretty new but while playing Minecraft game he has already met or seen new players as well as noob players.


He has also Fortnite on his Youtube channel and played along with Pink Sheep. Nevertheless, he is not great at the game.

He got negative feedback from his fans for playing Fortnite on his main channel. So, his friend determined to create a new channel called “ExplodingTomato”, where his friend creates Fortnite skits only. Further, he also announces he may be doing some machinimas on Fortnite as well.


Caption: ExplodingTNT picture on Youtube (Source: YouTube)

Therefore, he tries to keep his content original and interesting and also gained lots of fan followers within a specific interval of time since his YouTube channel.

Subscribers Milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: March 18, 2014.
  • 2 million subscribers: April 12, 2015.
  • 3 million subscribers: April 8, 2016.
  • 4 million subscribers: June 18, 2017.
  • 5 million subscribers: April 13, 2019.
  • 5.16 million subscribers: March 2020.

Video View Milestones

  • 1 billion views: April 21, 2017.
  • 1,443,220,837 views: March 2020.

ExplodingTNT – Net Worth 2023

Speaking up on his earnings, he is famous for his Youtube channel which has gained a decent sum of money from his work.

Looking at his YouTube statistics, he has posted 702 videos which all together add up to more than 1.4 billion views, and creates 4 new videos every month on average.

As of March 2023, his net worth is around $511k.


Caption: ExplodingTNT posing with his Golden play button (Source: Instagram)

ExplodingTNT – Body Measurements

The 23-year-old has not revealed his face till now. But he might be good-looking. Furthermore, he has also not revealed his height, weight, and body status.


As he loves cheese, he is a mouse. These things all started with the first weird comment video which explained how this “he’s a Mouse” thing started.

Likewise, his skin is the first result when one googled “Minecraft YouTuber Girl Skins” which has led to many fans thinking that TNT is a female.

Pink Sheep explained this during TNT’s second Q&A video where one of his fans asked if TNT is a girl.

He denied it, saying it was obvious that he was a boy, but Pink Sheep showed him search results that said otherwise. He has also written a book called ExplodingTNT vs. Everything.