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Elsa is an invented cartoon character who is the Queen of Arendelle. The character was present in the world’s popular amazing cartoon movie “Frozen” and its the continuation “Frozen II”. Elsa has gained several praises and positive comments widely from the viewers of the movies.

Early Life

According to the inventors of the cartoon character, Elsa’s birthdate is 22nd December 1818 and her birthplace is Arendelle. The name of her father and mother are King Agnarr and Queen Iduna. Also, the name of her paternal grandparents is King Runeard and Queen Rita. Similarly, Elsa even has a younger sister whose name is Princess Anna. The interesting fact about Elsa is that she has some magical powers from the day she was born. Her power was granted by the spirits of the Enchanted forest. However, this information was shown only in the second part of the movie “Frozen”.

In the beginning part of the movie, it was shown that Elsa was hidden from the world and kept inside a room as Elsa was unable to control her magical powers. So, Elsa was always living with the fear of hurting her sister and the world from her uncontrollable magical powers. Elsa started fearing after an incident where she nearly killed her sister unintentionally. In the childhood days of Elsa and Anna, Anna wakes her early in the morning. Then, they play together and even asks Elsa to create ice.

While they were playing, Anna tends to fall and in order to save Anna from falling, Elsa takes an action to save her. But Elsa accidentally hits her with ice which goes through Anna’s head which makes Anna become unconscious. Then, their parents arrive there and take Anna to the trolls who were in the magical forest. The leader of the troll family however helps Anna by erasing her memory which remembers Elsa’s powers from her head. They also warn Anna’s family to keep her heart safe as if it is hit then it will be difficult to recover Anna.


Caption: Elsa with her family (Source: CinemaBlend)

Special Features

The head troll gives advice to Elsa to learn to use and control her magical powers. He also adds not to be afraid of her powers. The reason is that fear is the only component that will leads Elsa to be unable to control her powers. After that, Elsa’s father, king Agnarr says Elsa to “conceal don’t feel”. From that day, Elsa keeps herself far from everyone adding her sister Anna and starts living in her room. Anna stays in the room without stepping outside a single step and spends all her time remembering the days when she used to play with her sister.

Then, at the time of the coronation, all the Arendelle and other people from several parts of the world go to the Kingdom. Also, Elsa who was going to be the new queen there gets worried due to a debate between her and her sister puts Arendelle in Eternal winter, and leaves. After that, Anna goes on a journey in order to break the ice and the winter season after discussing with her sister. At last, Elsa finally gets to know how to use and control her magical powers properly. In part 2 of Frozen, Elsa becomes more independent, fearless. Elsa even turns out to become one of the spirits of the enchanted forest.


Caption: Elsa showing her magical power (Source: Today Show)


The voice actor of the Elsa character was Megan Mullally. Later, she was changed by Broadway actress and singer Idina Menzel. Idina Menzel is more popular for her performance of Elphaba from “Wicked”. The singer and actor have even given an audition for the main role in the Disney animated feature movie, “Tangled” in the year 2010. However, she failed to get the role but instead was casting the director recorded her voice and later revealed the recording to the executives of the movie, Frozen.

The singer was very amazed when she was got a chance to give an audition. She was successful this time and got the character after reading out the script. Chris Buck who was the director was sure that Idina Menzel’s voice would promote in the description of the role, saying, “Idina has a sense of vulnerability in her voice. She plays a very strong character, but someone who lives in fear – so we needed someone who could portray both sides of the character, and Idina was just amazing.” In an interview with Menzel, she told about the common features of Elsa and Elphaba.

Menzel also told that both of them are very powerful and were misunderstanding people. Likewise, Menzel herself was more similar to the role because just like else he was hiding her amazing skills which were her singing talent from her school friends. “I didn’t want to alienate anyone,” she told. “If everyone was singing along in the car to a Madonna song, I didn’t join in because when we’re younger we’re afraid of sticking out or showing off when in fact we should own those things that make us really unique.”


Caption: Elsa with her sister Anna (Source: Fortune)

Body Measurement and Social Media

In the first part of the Frozen movie, Elsa was twenty-two years old. As of now, she is twenty-four years old. Also, she is present as a beautiful woman in the movie with pretty hair and a slim figure. Elsa has a height of 1.7 meters or 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 56 kg. Watching her in the movies, Elsa has a silent, elegant, calm, kind, lively, and noble personality. However, at some moments, Elsa gets really stressed and concerned about the people she loves the most. Moreover, the beautiful character has a pair of blue eyes with platinum blonde hair color. Elsa also has a small nose, pink lips, and a fair skin complexion.

Talking about Elsa’s presence on social media platforms, she is very popular there. Elsa is loved by all ages people such as kids, adults, and even some of the elders. However, as an invented character it is impossible for Elsa to act as a human a get involved in the social media platform. Or we can say that Elsa is not in a real-life and is just an imagination. Since Elsa is so popular all over the world so there are various fan pages to show people’s love for the movie character, Elsa. Also, there are plenty of images and videos of Elsa on the internet.

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