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Devin Booker

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Phoenix, United States
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Devin Booker is a professional NBA basketball player who has been playing from the side of the National Basketball Association team, Phoenix Suns. Devin Booker is also popular as the son of another popular basketball player, Melvin Booker.

Early Life and Childhood

The Basketball player was born on 30th October 1996, in Phoenix, Arizona. Devin is an American citizen and he follows Christianity. Similarly, Devin Booker is twenty-four years old as of now and his sun sign is Scorpio. His full name is Devin Armani Booker. The name of his parents is his father, Melvin Booker, and his mother, Veronica Gutierrez. His father is an African-American whereas her mother is a Mexican American and also a Puerto Rican. Devin has a brother, Davon Wade, and a step-sister, Mya Powell. As mentioned earlier, Devin’s father was an excellent “NBA” player.

Devin Booker spends his childhood in Grandville, Michigan that was a suburb of Grand Rapids. From the time of his schooling, Devin was also playing basketball. Being the son of the NBA player, Davin obviously got the inspiration to become an NBA basketball player seeing his father play basketball. For education, Devin Booker went to Grandville High School and his father retired from his career so that he could stay closer to his son. After that, Devin went to Moss Point High School where his father was taken as an assistant coach. After that, Devin went to the University of Kentucky.

Devin Booker

Caption: Devin Booker when he was a kid (Source: Instagram)

Career and Professional Life

Devin’s playing was getting better after playing for various years. In fact, his dad told that some of the NBA teams contacted him as they wanted to include Devin in their team. In a ceremony at the ‘Moss Point High School in October 2013, Devin told that he was selected by the University of Kentucky. Booker then started a professional college basketball career, which played a huge role in shaping his future. Devin finished his 1st season at the university getting an average of ten points. In April 2015, the athlete made a decision to quit the remaining years of college and eventually signed up for the NBA draft.

Devin was chosen by the Phoenix Suns as the thirteenth overall pick in June 2015. In his 1st seven summer league games, Devin achieved over fifteen points in every game and proved his tenacity. The athlete made his 1st professional ‘NBA’ appearance in opposition to the Dallas Mavericks just 2 days before his ninth birthday. Then, Devin turned to become the 1st player in the history of ‘NBA’ to play at eighteen years of age, also with at least a year of basketball experience from college. At the time of his 1st part of his 1st season together with the Phoenix Suns was over average at best, the 2nd part became much better.

Some more

There was a game opposite to the Sacramento Kings in which Devin avenged a season-high twenty-one points. in January 2016. In the January game opposite the Indiana Pacers, Devin achieved thirty-two points and turned out to become the 3rd-youngest NBA player and also the youngest Suns player to achieve over thirty points in a game. In March, Booker achieved thirty-four points opposite to “Miami Heat” to get another huge achievement and his best performance to the date. Devin played in his fifth thirty-point game of the season, in opposition to the Minnesota Timberwolves in the same month.

Devin turned out to be the 4th-youngest NBA player to achieve a thousand points in the 1st season. The basketball player’s amazing performance in his beginning season helped him to get positive comments from several basketball legends like Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. Davin got 4th place in the race for the Rookie of the Year award in 2016. In November 2016, there was a game in opposition to the New Orleans Pelicans. There, Devin got a career-high of thirty-eight points. After some days, Devin got thirty-nine points while playing opposite to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The athlete turned out to become the 1st Phoenix Suns player in twenty-eight years to get the thirty-eight-point mark straightly in 2 matches. Devin got thirty-nine points after playing opposite to both the Dallas Mavericks and the also San Antonio Spurs in January 2017. His performance in the same matches made him the youngest player in ‘NBA’ history to get thirty-nine points in straight 2 games. Moreover, in a game opposite Oklahoma City Thunder, Devin again got thirty-nine points in March 2018. Devin again became the 3rd-youngest player in the history of the NBA to get four thousand career points.

Devin Booker

Caption: Devin Booker playing basketball (Source: HITC)

Net Worth

The athlete had a net worth of around $2 million as of 2020. Devin Booker’s primary source of income is from his career as an NBA basketball player only. The NBA basketball player has even earned some of his fortunes from playing several matches and getting sponsorships as well. As of now, Devin Booker is living a luxurious and happy life in a lavishing apartment in Arizona.

Relationship Status

On the evening of August 22, 2002, Devin Booker was found together with the top model of the world, Kendal Jenner. At that time, Kendal was wearing a little black dress with the mask on and her hair was open. Also, Kendal was wearing the Audrey-style shoe. They went to the Italian restaurant, Santa Monica which is the popular restaurant among the celebs in the city. Moreover, Kendal and Devin also share several flirting comments on their social media accounts as well.

Previously, Booker was dating other models such as Jordyn Woods. On the other side, the supermodel, Kendal Jenner has dated several guys to this day. Devin once was involved in a controversy after his fan’s girlfriend asked her to sit on his lap. However, the situation didn’t hamper much on his career and professional life. Moreover, according to some media reports, it is found that while in college, Devin was having numerous affairs when in his college days. However, his relationship status is currently not confirmed.

Devin Booker

Caption: Devin Booker with Kendal Jenner (Source: Hollywood Life)

Body Measurement and Social Media

Regarding the NBA basketball player’s body measurement, Devin Booker has a good height of 6 feet 5 inches. Devin Booker even has a bodyweight o[f around 93 kg or 206 lbs. The body measurements of the basketball players are 45 inches, 32 inches, and 40 inches. Similarly, the basketball player wears a shoe size of 12 (US) and the size of his biceps is 16 inches. Devin Booker also has a pair of black eyes with curly black hair. As an athlete, Devin Booker has an athletic and muscular body type. In fact, Devin obviously is very concerned about his health and does exercises every day. In addition to that, Devin Booker has a tattoo on his right arm which is “Be Legendary”.

Talking about the athlete’s appearance on social media platforms, Devin Booker is highly active there. Devin Booker has a Twitter account where he has gained 843.1 thousand followers. On his Instagram account, Devin has 3.1 million followers. Similarly, Devin has a Facebook page where he has gained 343 thousand followers. It seems like Devin Booker is also popular on social media platforms as well. It is also for sure that most of Devin’s fans and followers are sport’s lovers and mostly girls.