Devi Chitralekha

Devi Chitralekha

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Updated On June 25, 2022
Khambi, India
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Khambi, India

Devi Chitralekha is a famous Indian Spiritual Saint, Bhagwat preacher, motivational speaker, Musical artist, and religious leader. Devi Chitralekha in fact is one of the youngest spiritual saints who hails from India.

Early Life

Devi Chitralekha’s birthdate is 19th January 1997 and her birthday is Sunday. The Indian Saint was born in Khambi, Palwal, Haryana, India. Chitralekha holds an Indian nationality, is of Asian ethnicity, and has been following the Hindu religion. Likewise, Devi Chitralekha is from a Brahmin and a very religious family. Chitralekha believes and follows the directions of the Goddess Vaishnavism. The age of the Indian saint as of 2022 must be twenty-four years old and his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

The name of Devi Chitralekha’s parents is her father, Tukaram Sharma, and her mother, Chameli Devi. Devi Chitralekha also has an older brother whose name is Partyaksh Sharma. Also, the Indian saint’s grandfather is late Radha Krishna Sharma and her grandmother is Kishnadei. Devi’s grandparents were also spiritually motivated and used to take Devi to several religious occasions. In addition, when Devi Chitralekha was born, several famous saints and hermits went to her home.

Once a saint said, “She would surprise the people around the world as a great ‘enlightened person’ in the near future”. They believe that there is some special about Devi Chitralekha and eventually gave her the name of a miraculous child. As for her educational background, Devi Chitralekha first went to a local government school located in her village. In addition, Devi Chitralekha even knows the Aadi Vrindavan language because it was spoken in her village.

Devi Chitralekha

Caption: Devi Chitralekha when she was young (Source: StarsUnfolded)

Career and Professional Life

Devi Chitralekha was just four years old when she was originated in “Gaudiya Vaishnavism” under the direction of “Shri Shri Girdhari Baba”, a Bengali saint. The Indian saint and her parents joined the campaigning occasion of a projected saint of Brij, Ramesh Baba when she was six years old. At the finish of the same occasion, Ramesh Baba gave the mike to Devi. Devi shared her spiritual opinions for nearly half an hour which amazed everyone. After then, Devi Chitralekha began saying Kathas and pravachans on numerous occasions.

In fact, Devi’s guruji prepared her 1st seven days “Shri Bhagwat Katha” that haled in Tapovan near Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. Even though Devi’s parents weren’t assured that she would recite the long Katha, but her guruji was confident about it. Her guruji said, “It is my blessing that 7 days ‘Shri Bhagwat Katha’ will remain successful because “Radha Mata” has shown me in my dream that flowers rain will fall here from heaven”. Then, Chitralekha began reciting “Shri Bhagwat Kathas” on numerous occasions which turned to be one of the most famous Bhagwat preachers of India.

Chitralekha’s Kathas are televised on several religious television channels along with a goal to blow out the wave of “Radhe Krishna and Hare Krishna Mantra”. Moreover, the Indian saint’s eyes are said to be frequently full of tears when she is narrating Kathas and Pravachans. Devi Chitralekha has even distributed pravachans in other several nations. Some of her famous bhajans are Mera Aapki Kripa Se, Ek Tera Sahara, Lakhon Mahfil, Krishna Krishna, Jab Koi Nahi Aata, Mera Jeevan Hai Tere Hawale, Gopi Geet, and Radhe Radhe.

Some more

The Indian youngest saint established the “World Sankirtan Yatra Trust” on 10th March 2008, in Palwal, Haryana.  The objective of forming the foundation is to ‘preserve Hindu culture and heritage of India’, ‘disseminate the hoky name of God’, ‘preaching Bhagwat Katha all over the world’, and even ‘gay seva’. As of now, there are over fifty workers working in many sections of trust and over a hundred followers worldwide support the task of the Trust. Other than this, Devi Chitralekha has also been working for the well-being of the abandoned and wounded cows.

In the year 2013, Devi began “Gau Seva Dham Hospital” in Palwal which works for the same objective. Chitralekha once told that she found a wounded cow on the roadside. Chitralekha immediately went forward to offer the first aid to the cow and was extremely affected by the happening. So, she made a decision to take over some good work for the well-being of cows. Additionally, Devi Chitralekha delivers very effectively and people who perceive it will forget their complications for a certain time.

The people will also get effective answers for the problems of their lives. In the year 2019, Devi Chitralekha received the “World Book of Records” for her personality as a youthful Bhagwat preacher. Furthermore, Devi Chitralekha is also a musician and loves playing the harmonium. Devi Chitralekha reflects herself to be the preacher of god and doesn’t like when individuals reflect her as “Devi”. Numerous popular personalities attend Chitralekha’s religious occasions and she even has worldwide followers.

Devi Chitralekha

Caption: Devi Chitralekha while reciting the Kathas (Source: Instagram)

Net Worth

Devi Chitralekha has been making a decent amount of money from her amazing career. The estimated net worth of Devi Chitralekha is around $0.8 million as of 2021. Devi Chitralekha has been earning from several sources such as YouTube, by reciting Kathas, and by attending several events. With all these incomes, Devi Chitralekha has been living a good and peaceful life. Devi Chitralekha even contributes some of her income.

Relationship Status

Devi Chitralekha is a married woman and the name of her husband is Madhav Prabhu Ji (Madhav Tiwari). The Indian couple’s wedding took place on 23rd May 2017, at Gau Seva Dham Hospital which is in Palwal, Haryana. Devi Chitralekha’s husband is from Bilaspur, Chattisgarh. After their wedding, the Indian couple is living together in Palwal, Haryana.

To this day, Devi has not given any birth to their children. Other than this, Devi Chitralekha has never been in any scandal and rumors. All she cares about is to make people have and establish a peaceful society everywhere. Devi Chitralekha has been keeping a clean and low profile everywhere with her pure intentions.

Devi Chitralekha

Caption: Devi Chitralekha with her husband on their wedding day (Source: StarsUnfolded)

Body Measurement

As for the physical statistics of Devi Chitralekha, she has always been very concerned about her health. Devi Chitralekha has a good height of 161 cm or else 1.61 m or 5 feet 3 inches. Likewise, the Indian youngest saint has a brown complexion with a pair of black eyes and long black hair. Chitralekha also has a slim body type with a suitable bodyweight of around 55 kg or 121 pounds. Devi Chitralekha regularly follows her vegetarian diet and promoted the same to everyone. Moreover, the body measurements of Devi Chitralekha are 36 inches, 27 inches, and 36 inches.

Social Media

Devi Chitralekha has been highly active all over the social media platforms and has thousands of followers there. On Instagram, Devi Chitralekha has also gained 599 thousand followers. Likewise, the Indian young saint has 22.3 thousand followers on her Twitter account. The Indian religious female saint even has a Facebook page with 2.3 million followers. Moreover, Devi Chitralekha is also a Youtuber and is very famous there too. As of August 2021, Devi Chitralekha has gained 1.84 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, “Devi Chitralekhaji”.