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Denzel Dion

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Updated On December 20, 2021

Denzel Dion is an Instagram star and a YouTube star as well. Denzel Dion is a Viner who has an estimated 1.8 Million followers on his Instagram in 2020.

Early life

Denzel’s date of birth is December 22, 1997, in Queens, New York. He is 23 years old and his birth sign is Capricorn. He was born and raised in the Bronx. In the New York of United States. His mother raised him and he has two siblings including a sister who is also featured in videos. His ethnicity is Afro-American and holds an American nationality.

Denzel Dion with his sister

Caption: Denzel Dion with his sister. Source: Instagram


As he born in Queens but grew up in the Bronx. He graduated from high school at the age of 17. Later he moved to Los Angeles and got himself on Agent for his acting. There is no furthermore information about his study and early life.

Career and Professional life

Denzel Dion is an Instagram star. He is an Instagram sensation and YouTube star as well. He is a Viner who has an estimated 1.8 Million followers on his Instagram in 2019 and started starring in the Brat series known as Stuck. Similarly, he is YouTuber, actor, and even an enthusiast. He is famous for his tagline that says ‘I said what I said and I meant what I said. He is fresh and can share anything with anyone. His comic skills have made him as he is now.

He migrated from Vine to YouTube and did a lot of video pranks and reaction videos as well. Likewise, he moved to pop topics and fashion and worked with other famous you tubers and with million following him on Instagram, he is a current social media star. Moreover, he is the ultimate fashion line and recently debuted to the brat series known as ‘Stuck’.

He used to post his videos to the Vine known as “When the teacher asks if anyone like to take attendance down the office” in February of 2014. He is associated with Cody Johns, Jake Paul, and other twins named Grayson and Ethan in the epic video “Ding dong ditch” His comedic videos even earned him enough more than his followers which is almost 600k, and the app was shut down after that.

Denzel Dion in Plaza Hotel covering the icon issue

Caption: Denzel Dion in Plaza Hotel covering the icon issue. Source: Instagram

He has 1.4 Million YouTube subscribers. After graduation from high school, he moved to LA and signed agent for acting. He created a Vine account and posted it. He started uploading the comic skits as well and parodies. They were based on a real-life incident. This helped him to increase more followers. Besides you tuber, he is also an actor and fashion designer. He was often seen wearing his merchandise in his videos and he has partnered with American brands.

Net Worth

Denzel is reported as he is earning very well from his social media and acting. His net worth is $1, 00,000-$1,000,000.  He does fashion as a career that helps him to enable for affording a chill life with luxury cars and houses.

Relationship status

Denzel information about a romantic partner or girlfriend is available through social media platforms. Currently, he is dating a guy named Rickey Thompson. His sexual orientation is gay. He has successfully kept his information about love secret from everyone and it’s already been more than seven years.

Body Measurements and Social media

Talking about Denzel’s body measurement, his height is 6.5 ft. and he has a personal style that consists of a 90s high fade hairdo, tracksuits. His hair color is black and his eye color is also black. No information is available for his weight.

Denzel Dion body

Caption: Denzel Dion posing for a photoshoot. Source: Instagram

He posted his first video on the Vine in February 2014 who earned 600k followers instantly. He posted his first YouTube video in 2016, and as a result, he earned 1.45 M subscribers in 2020 in his channel Denzel Dion. Likewise, he has almost 1.8M followers on his Instagram @denzeldion. He is also casting in Stuck on the Brat network which is premiered in March 2019. His follower on Twitter handle @denzeldion is more than 242.5k. His Facebook Denzel Dion has  22k followers.






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