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Updated On March 26, 2023

Birth Sign

DenisDailyYT is a famous YouTuber, gamer, and social media personality from Canada. DenisDailyYT gained popularity by uploading video games, including Minecraft, Roblox, and Among Us videos on his YouTube channel.

Early Life and Childhood

YouTuber Denis was born on 5 June 1996, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Currently, he is 26 years old. His real name is Denis Kopotun, and his nickname is DenisDailyYT.

There is no information available about his parents, sibling, and professions. He is delighted with his family members and loves to spend quality time with his family. Maybe he will give details about his family to the public in the future. At that time, we will update him here.

There is no information available like how he spent his childhood, who was his friends, his behavior with others, and so on. All the information related to his childhood is secret. He is Canadian by nationality, his zodiac sign is Gemini, his religion is Christian and his ethnicity is private.

DenisDailyYT – Education

There is no information available about the name of the school and college he studied at. He has been very interested in comedy and acting since childhood and he used to participate in programs related to comedy and acting.

There is no information available about how he was with his teachers and pals and her interest in studies and so on. Maybe in the future, he will give details related to his educational background at that time, and we will update him here.

Net Worth 2023

The estimated value of his net worth is $2.5 Million. His work as YouTuber and social media personality is his primary source of income. As of right now, his monthly, weekly, and yearly salaries are unknown.

He now enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and various expensive vehicles thanks to sales and excellent jobs. If he provides his weekly, yearly, and monthly salaries then we will update him here.

Career and Professional Life

DenisDailyYT is a successful Canadian YouTuber and gamer who has gained a massive following through his entertaining and engaging content. He began his YouTube career in 2015, posting videos of himself playing and commenting on various video games, including Minecraft and Roblox.

Over the years, he has built a loyal following of fans who appreciate his humor, enthusiasm, and skill as a gamer. He has also collaborated with other YouTubers and gaming personalities, expanding his reach and influence in the digital space.

In addition to his YouTube channel, he is also active on other social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. He uses these channels to connect with his fans and share updates on his life and career, further building his personal brand and online presence.

His success has also led to numerous brand endorsements and collaborations. He has worked with brands such as LEGO, Amazon, and Marvel, creating sponsored content and promoting their products to his viewers. Also, he created his own merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, and other items featuring his branding and logo.

Despite his success, he remains grounded and committed to his craft. He continues to create engaging content that resonates with his viewers, while also staying true to his values and interests. And he has built a reputation as an authentic and relatable influencer, which has helped him maintain the trust and loyalty of his fans.

Day by day his fan following is increasing on his Instagram account. On Instagram, looking at his pictures, we can see that he is enjoying his life. Due to his amazing body and style, as well as his hairstyle, he is gaining popularity on Instagram.

His dressing style attracts people and due to his fashion, he is gaining fans more and more. Additionally, his Instagram profile is interesting and he has uploaded lots of reels and images. On Instagram, he has 240K followers.

Within a short time, he progressed in his job and was able to influence people through his work and gain widespread notoriety. His professional path eventually came full circle as he rose in popularity. He gained not just international fame but also fame in his native Canada.

DenisDailyYT in his YouTube video (Source YouTube)

Caption: DenisDailyYT in his YouTube video (Source YouTube)

Brand Endorsements

Denis endorsed some brands and promoted their products. The brand endorsement is also his primary source of income and he earned lots of profits from his brand endorsement.

He endorsed and promoted the products of the brands such as LEGO, Amazon, Marvel, and so on. Maybe in the future, he will promote the products of other brands and at that time, we will update him here.

Awards and Nomination

There is no information available about his awards and nominations. He is a famous YouTuber and social media personality but till now he has not received any awards or nominations. Kopotun has a great future ahead and has lots of chances to win many awards and nominations.

Relationship Status

Denis is not married or engaged but he is dating Gabby O’Hara. His each date history has been verified and fact-checked. He is maintaining his private and professional life and is now concentrating on his profession.

He only wants someone who will be in a serious relationship and loves him for a lifetime and he found that quality in Gabby. They are very happy together and living their life. We can find lots of images and videos on their social media accounts.

DenisDailyYT with his girlfriend (Source Instagram)

Caption: DenisDailyYT with his girlfriend (Source Instagram)


Even Denis’s professional life is kept private, as is any information about him. Plus, he has the skills to manage both his personal and business lives, and he has never disclosed any information to the public.

Additionally, he has never been the focus of any controversies or speculations, and he is a famous YouTuber and social media personality.

DenisDailyYT – Body Measurements

His actual height is 6 feet 5 inches and his weight is 98 kg. According to his images, his hair color is dark brown and silky, and his eyes are also attractive and brown.

His body type is average with a great personality and other body measurements like biceps, chest, and waist, are unknown inches. He is concerned about his body but takes a proper diet and he has clear skin.

DenisDailyYT posing for a photo (Source Instagram)

Caption: DenisDailyYT posing for a photo (Source Instagram)

Social Media

Denis is active on social media. On Instagram, he has 240 K followers and has followed 65 people there as well as he has posted 35 posts and his Instagram account is not marked with a blue checkmark. His account username is “denisdailyyt”.

We find his official Facebook account and there are lots of accounts similar to his name. On Twitter, he has 545.4 K followers and has followed 154 people. He joined Twitter on March 2016. Plus, he is active on YouTube where he has 9.3 M subscribers.