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Updated On February 12, 2024
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Deborah R Nelson Mathers

Deborah R Nelson Mathers is an author and singer who is also popular as the mother of the Grammy Award-winning rapper, Eminem. In addition, Deborah became even more popular after her book “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem” was officially out.

Early Life and Childhood

Deborah R Nelson Mathers was born on 6th January 1955, in St. Joseph, Missouri, the United States.  She is an American citizen. Likewise, Kevin Chevalier is 68 years old now and her sun sign is Capricorn. The names of her parents are her father, Bob Nelson, and her mother, Betty Hixson. Moreover, Kevin Chevalia has four siblings and are Betty Renee, Ronnie Polkinghorn, Steven Nelson, and Todd Nelson. Her childhood was a struggle as her mom and dad divorced when she was young. Her mother then again got married, sadly which only gave more trouble for her. She was suffering a lot from her stepfather, who was physically torturing her every time. Also, from her biological mother as well, who tried to commit suicide a few times. Moreover, Kevin Chevalier also has 2 step-siblings and they are Ronnie Pollinghorn and Betty Renee.

Her step-siblings were also giving her many problems. In addition, her step-brother, Ronnie committed suicide, her brother, Steven had a stroke, and Todd is in prison for killing his brother-in-law. And her step-sister as of now has a profession at Eminem’s mansion in Clinton Township as a housekeeper. In the mansion, she is residing together with her husband. Talking about Derorah’d educational background, she attended Lancaster High School. There she also got to meet her future husband, Marshall Bruce II, so she stopped going to school to marry him. At that time, she was just fifteen years old.

Deborah R Nelson Mathers – Career and Professional Life

After Deborah and her husband got separated, she and her son often went back and 4th from Kansas City to Detroit. Most of the time, the two of them had to live in very poor situations. At the same time, she even was engaged in some illegal things like false allegations against organizations and other people to get some money from them. Eminem once even said that his mom never did any jobs and that they were surviving on the money they got from various social organizations. As Eminem was achieving popularity in the early 2000s, she also was looking for some of that popularity and wealth for herself.

It is already clear that the mother and the son did not get together very well from Eminem’s early childhood. Eminem even shared about their relationship in his songs and was always anxious to talk about it. Then, she decided to stand out and share her version of the story, which she successfully did by producing a CD with 3 songs, “Dear Marshall” which was dedicated to her son. Moreover, she wrote her autobiography with the title “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem” in the year 2008. The book was all about her life, her struggles, and misconceptions about her son, Eminem.

Apart from that, it also shows her side of the story about the life they had together, claiming that Eminem was lying just to achieve even more popularity. Also, she admits that she is not upset with him. At the moment when she was showing breast cancer, the misunderstandings and problems between her and her son, Eminem were calming down and the both of them were reconciling. Also, Eminem’s song, “Headlights” was written and was out as an apology to his mother. He even said that he will always love his mother just the way she is. As of now, she runs a taxi service in her hometown St. Joseph, Missouri.

Deborash R Nelson Mathers

Caption: Deborah R Nelson Mathers’s book cover picture (Source: Amazon)

Deborah R Nelson Mathers – Net Worth 2024

Although Deborah R Nelson Mathers was having such a difficult life and did not have any higher education, she managed to earn a decent amount of money. It was mostly from his son, Eminem’s fame. So, the author, singer, and celebrity mother has an estimated net worth of more than $700,000. In addition, her son, Eminem has a stunning net worth of approximately $190 million. Apart from this, the assets they own are not available as of now. However, it is for sure that, they are living a luxurious and great life.

Relationship Status

Deborah R Nelson Mathers first met her husband when they were in high school.  To get to be his wife and stay with him, she did not go for her higher education. Three years after her marriage, she gave birth to her first child who was a son. His name is Marshall Mathers III, who now people also recognize as Eminem. Although the couple shared an adorable child, her husband made a cruel decision to abandon the family when Eminem was just a baby. After the separation of the couple, she has to do some low-paid jobs just to earn some money which would be enough for her to support and take care of her child and herself. In addition, after ending her marital relationship with Eminem’s dad, she tied the knot with Berger Olsen Au Gres.

Unfortunately, this relationship also did not last long because of her mental illness, which was causing a lot of difficulties in their relationship. In the end, the pair made a sad decision to separate their ways. After that, she met Fred Samara, Jr., with whom she gave birth to a son whose name was Nathan Kane Samara in the year 1986. And the interesting fact about it is that Fred Samara Jr. is also a rapper, and has a very good relationship with his step-brother Eminem. The step-siblings had also worked together. Once again she and Fred also broke up. However, the reason for their breakup has not been out yet, although there were some rumors that the main cause was again her mental illness. She later even was in a few more relationships and is currently the wife of John Briggs. Additionally, she has 3 grandchildren.

Deborash R Nelson Mathers

Caption: Deborah R Nelson Mathers with her son, Eminem (Source: Married Biography)

Deborah R Nelson Mathers – Scandals

Current every mental illness of Deborah R Nelson Mathers reflects the time of her early childhood. She is suffering from Munchausen syndrome. In this type of mental illness, a person continuously acts as if she has a physical or mental disorder, and also demonstrates a continuous need for attention and togetherness from others. The illness was also the main cause of her being abusive towards Eminem, and her other son Nathan. In addition, after Eminem was talking about her in his songs which were all the worst about her, the media was taking her interviews.

Then, she decided to register a lawsuit against her son, Eminem for $10 million. She also admitted that everything he was saying about her was just a lie and that he did not write most of the lyrics of his songs by himself. From the lawsuit, she gained some profit and received only $1.600. Adding more, she was sued by Neal Alpert around the year 2005 for not paying him the promised 25% of sales profits from the book. Neal Alpert is the one who helped her to write her book related to Eminem.

Body Measurements

Regarding the celebrity mother’s physical appearance, she has golden brown hair with beautiful blue eyes. Deborah has a height of around 5 feet 4 inches tall. However, more details regarding her body measurements, weight, dress size, bra size, etc. are not available for now. Also, she is not mentally and physically healthy as she has been suffering a lot since her childhood. Moreover, she has a very slim body type with a fair complexion.

Social Media

Talking about her presence on social media platforms, she is quite active there. Deborah R Nelson Mathers seems to have an Instagram account however, the account is private. It has only 246 followers as of now. Other than this she is not active on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. For now, she seems not to have any interest in gaining popularity. She is happily living her great life with her family.