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Updated On February 13, 2024
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Danger Dolan

Daniel James Johnson who is best known by Planet Dolan, otherwise known as DD, TheDDGuides, DDTop20, or Danger Dolan, is an Australian social media star. Danger Dolan is popular for his YouTube channel “Planet Dolan” which has more than 5.8 million subscribers until now. Moreover, he owns an online store, which sells clothing and merchandise.

Early Life and Childhood

Daniel better known as Danger Dolan was born in Australia, on March 20, 1986. His real name is Daniel James Johnson.

He is 37 years old and his zodiac sign is Pisces. He holds the Australian nationality.

The names of his father and mother are not available at the moment. However, he has a brother who helps him maintain his YouTube channels.

Sadly, the name of his brother is also unknown. Other than this, no information about his other family members is available.

Moreover, Daniel hardly speaks about his private and family life and often expresses himself through his animated character, Danger Dolan.

Danger Dolan Friends

Caption: Danger Dolan with his friends (Source: Youtube)

Regarding Daniel’s educational background and qualifications, the names of his high school and the university have not been available until now.

Considering his age, he must have graduated from both high school and the university unless he is a dropout to decides to quit his further studies.

Social Media

Daniel is pretty active on all of his social accounts. He has mustered 5.8M subscribers on his main YouTube channel, whereas he has 1.09M and 1.9M subscribers on the other two channels.

Likewise, he has two Twitter accounts and has 57.1K followers on one account and 20K followers on the other.

He is active on Facebook as well and has 43,137 followers on it. Similarly, he also owns his website.

Danger Dolan – Net Worth 2024

Danger Dolan’s main income source is his YouTube channel. His net worth is around $ 4 million.

Professional Life

Daniel James Johnson was always fascinated by social media stars in his early teens. He also wanted to establish a career out of social media platforms like YouTube.

He created his first YouTube channel on November 19, 2012, and named it “Danger Dolan”. He then started posting a video series titled “DoubleDragonGudies”.

Later, he uploaded several interesting questions, to which he came up with answers through his YouTube videos.

However, he first gained prominence as a YouTuber when one of his videos titled “20 Largest Animals of All Time” went viral on the internet.

Then, after posting interesting videos about animals and all things related to planet Earth, he started incorporating animation into his videos, which further increased his popularity

Daniel gained fame and popularity for his countdown videos like “10 Best Leveling Zones in World of Warcraft”, “Top 10 Most Overhyped Video Games”,

“15 Greatest Easter Eggs in World of Warcraft”, “Top 10 Lore Villians in World of Warcraft”, “Top Best NES Games Ever”, and many more.

Daniel James Johnson founded the company Planet Dolan in 2015.

Then he created two new sub-channels: Danger Dolan Games (focusing on game-related videos, including the popular countdowns, which was a renaming of his first channel, “TheDDGuides”)

, and Danger Dolan Movies, focusing on movie-related content. And, many people work with Planet Dolan such as cast, animators, crews, and collaborators.

All members of the Youtube channel and company never made an appearance by themselves. Instead, they are all represented by their original characters, and their roles and personalities stay true to them.

More about his Career…

Likewise, he created a second YouTube channel titled “Planet Dolan” on March 1, 2014, which initially focused on countdown lists.

This channel is his main channel and also the channel which has more subscribers than the other two channels. The channel has been able to garner 1,844,130,414 views altogether.

It is an animated channel, which comedically tackles abstract concepts and metaphysical questions. His channel is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in Australia.

30 Disturbing Things Found on Google Maps is the most viewed video on this channel mustering 35M views until now.

Then on August 30, 2015, he created his third YouTube channel titled “Super Planet Dolan” which has 386,944,999 views now. Furthermore, to make his channel more interesting,

Daniel came up with animated characters of his own. He then started answering some of the most bizarre questions through his animated characters.

Moreover, he has posted several video series including a series called “Dolan Life Mysteries” on this channel.

Likewise, some of the most viewed videos on his third YouTube channel are  Why Do Cats Hate Water? | Dolan Life Mysteries, What is the Opposite of Opposite? ,

and How Do Mermaids Make Babies? | Dolan Life Mysteries. All these videos have garnered 18M, 9.8M, and 9.1M of views respectively.

Moreover, his animated character is often depicted as a dim-witted humanoid, who faces difficulties in getting the facts right.

Danger Dolan Youtube

Caption: Danger Dolan in his Youtube video (Source: Youtube)

Merchandise and Face Reveal

Daniel is now one of the most popular Australian YouTubers mainly because of his bizarre and quirky videos. Also, he is popular on Twitter. Moreover, he owns two Twitter accounts.

Furthermore, Daniel made his first appearance in 2017 “Vidcon Australia”. He used the convention as a platform to launch his range of merchandise as he currently owns an online store,

which sells cool clothing and merchandise. He has also authored a book which was published by “PanMacMillian Australia” on November 28, 2017.

Now, the book can be downloaded from the internet. Then, he released his debut video game titled “Dolan Kart” in 2018.

Moreover, Daniel didn’t reveal his face at the beginning. But contrary to popular belief, Johnson has revealed his face on many occasions, whenever he live streams and at public events.

Relationship Status

Daniel Johnson is married to Gooby who works with him for the company. The duo married in March of 2017. Other than this, no information about his marital life is available at the moment.

Danger Dolan

Caption: Danger with his wife posing for a selfie (Source: Instagram)

Danger Dolan – Body Measurements 2024

Danger Dolan’s height, as well as weight, is not available until now. Similarly, his other body measurements are also not available at the moment. However, he has ginger-colored hair and green eyes.