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Updated On March 26, 2023

Florida, America
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Florida, America

Conner Cruise is famous as the adopted son of the two Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Connor Cruise frequently comes to give his public appearances. Also, he is super active on social media as well. The Cruise child mostly becomes one of the topics in the headline news.

Early Life and Childhood

The birthdate of the young personality is on January 17, 1995. His birthplace is in Florida with the sun sign of Capricorn. Talking about his adoption, he was just four months old when the ex-couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. However, there are no details regarding his biological parents.

Conner Cruise

Caption: Connor during his childhood days as a toddler(Instagram)

Similarly, some of the sources claimed that the couple had adopted Connor to save their married relationship. Connor didn’t know about his adoption in his childhood days. When he asked about his akin color, Nicole and Tom said that it was because of Nicole’s ancestors from Australia. Later on, the truth was revealed to him.

Currently, he is 26 years old.  His father, Tom Cruise is a Hollywood Star, and his mother, Nicole Kidman is a prominent Australian actress. He has a total of four siblings. They are Isabella Jane Kidman Cruise, Suri Cruise (half-sister), Sunday Rose Kidman Urban (half-sister), and Faith Margaret Kidman Urban (half-sister). Lastly, his nationality is American.

Talking about his schooling, Connor’s aunt homeschooled him. Later on, he attended a Scientology School. At first, he was not interested in the philosophies of ‘The Church of Scientology’. Nevertheless, he started taking an interest in it. Even he became a Scientologists like his sister and father. He finished his high school education at a Scientology school.

At an early age, he wanted to become a pilot. When he said this to his father, Tom, Tom initiated taking him to several flying clubs. However, as the child grew up, he shifted his interest in acting.

Connor Cruise – Professional Life

Being the kid of parents involved in the film industry, he also contributed to the Hollywood film industry. On top of that, he was also interested in the field of entertainment yet not only acting.

In 2008, he played the role of Ben Thomas in Seven Pounds Secondly, he then appeared in a minor role in the 2012 film Red Dawn. During his acting career, Cruise realized his attentiveness to music. This led him to transfer his attention to D.Jing. His concept album included a remix of Feed Me Diamonds. It was released by Ultra Records. The track was played in The David Letterman Show.

Connor Cruise

Caption: Cover of Connor Cruise’s one of live concerts(Instagram)

In the bargain, Connor has also worked with various popular artists such as Andy Caldwell, The Black Eyed Peas, and The Veronicas. Conner also composed Refined. In 2011, he performed at ‘Nickelodeon’s TeenNick HALO Awards’. It was held at the Hollywood Palladium. Presently, he is well-known by his stage name ‘DJ C-Squared’. At present, he is also working on several collaborative albums as well.


Surprisingly, the young actor has not won any Awards and also is not been nominated for any titles. Still, this does not mean that he is not a better performer or actor. Audiences and fans have appreciated his work and contribution to the industry.

Connor Cruise – Net Worth 2023

Connor Cruise has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars. Other salaries, income, and personal belongings are not known through any sources of information.

Connor Cruise – Personal Life

Actually, Connor Cruise had a past relationship. He was in a relationship with Phylicia Bugna. She is a surfer as well as a fishing expert. Unfortunately, the couple broke up with each other in 2017. The reason for their separation was their religious differences. Likewise, he is now married to his fellow Scientologist.


There was a shattering incident for Connor Cruise when he first time knew about his adoption. He knew the truth when a reporter asked about his biological parents in a news conference about his movie Red Dawn. Initially, he became confused but then he knew the truth of his adoption.

Connor Cruise and Lillie Parker

Caption: Connor Cruise with his childhood friend, Lillie Parker (Instagram)

Afterward, he claimed that he made himself clear of his several unanswered questions. He was also sure about the fact that he is not going to affect his relationship with his [aren’t after knowing the truth. Also, after their parents divorced, he said that he could understand Nicole’s little efforts to get her son’s custody. Moreover, he realized why Tom was actually not able to love him the way he loves his biological daughter, Suri.

Additionally, there was also a rumor of him dating his childhood friend named Lillie Parker. There was not much assurance about this relationship.

Connor Cruise – Body Measurements

The fit Cruise’s height is 170 cm. He weighs 65 kg. In addition, his body measurement is 37-34-36. His shoe size is 7 and the dress size is not available. Similarly, both his eyes and hair color are black.

Social Media

Likewise, Connor is not active on Facebook. Even so, he is active on Instagram and Twitter. He has 16.2k followers on Twitter and 25.8k followers on Instagram.