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Updated On February 27, 2024
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Michigan, USA
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Michigan, USA

Christopher Sails Jr.

Christopher Sails Jr. who is famous as Chris is the son of the YouTube star Christopher and Queen. Christopher Sails Jr. came to the world of social media through his parents by featuring him on their couple’s YouTube channel. He is still a toddler but is already very famous all over the internet.

Early Life and Childhood

Christopher Sails Jr. was born on 17 February 2015, in Michigan, USA. He turns 9 years old in 2024 and is under the birth sign Aquarius. He holds American nationality.

Chris’s mother’s name is Queen Naija and his father’s name is Chris Sails. Both of his parents owned a couple of YouTube channels but sadly, they are not together now and their channels also have been deleted. He is the only child of the ex-couple. Other than this, not much about his other family members have come forward. Chris is just 4 years old now so, we don’t think he would be attending any school at this early age.

Christopher Sails Jr. Parents

Caption: Christopher Sails Jr. with his mom and ad (Source: Naibuzz)

Professional Life

Christopher Sails Sr. and Queen Naija joined YouTube soon after the birth of Chris. Their YouTube channel ‘Chris Sails Live‘ managed to achieve tremendous success within a very short period. Their YouTube videos get millions of views and likes. However, ever since their YouTube channel introduced their son Chris, the popularity of their channel grew quite dramatically.

Even though Christopher Sails Jr. is still a toddler and is learning to talk, he is already a known face on the internet. Many of his parents’ videos and almost every vlog, feature Chris. His parents have posted many prank videos and some of them are on Chris as well.

His parents were filming the famous whisper challenge video in which Chris was also featured. When the video was uploaded, their fans started expressing their desire to see Chris in their other videos as well. As a result of this, Christopher and Queen made a separate video in which Christopher Jr. was formally introduced to their fans. His parents never miss the chance and are always ready to film special moments of Chris which they post on their channel.

Christopher has posted many prank videos that he has done on his son. Some of the videos such as ‘Home Alone Prank on Baby Chris’ and  ‘Abusive Father Prank On Chris’ are the ones that received a lot of views, likes, and comments featuring Chris Jr.

The video featuring Chris Jr. and his mother Queen was uploaded on their YouTube channel where Queen accompanied Chris in a DIY slime-making tutorial. She has also posted a video in which she taught her son to ride a tricycle. The mother-son duo enjoyed making Rice Krispies in their other subsequent video.

More on Youtube

The family YouTube channel consists of many videos in which Christopher and Queen are celebrating Christmas along with their son. On one of Chris’s birthdays, Christopher brought him a puppy and named it Scrappy. His father always fulfills all of his wishes.

The ex-couple has also posted many vlogs of their vacations. Chris also got his ear pierced during their vacation. Surprisingly, he didn’t cry throughout the video. Moreover, it seemed like he enjoyed the experience.

Christopher and Queen often post cute pictures of their son on their respective Instagram account. It is a fact that Chris became popular because of his parent’s YouTube channel but it is also a known fact that their channel grew and gained more fans thanks to their son Chris.

Christopher and Queen have divorced and their YouTube channel is not available now. Moreover, Chris’s father posted videos of him and Chris on the channel ‘Daddy $ Me’ which was created in July 2017. This channel consists of only 5 videos until now.

Chris Jr. YouTube

Caption: Christopher Sails Jr. filming a video with his dad (Source: Famous people)

Christopher Sails Jr. – Net Worth 2024

Christopher Sails Jr. is very young and he doesn’t earn any money. As per his parents, his father’s net worth is $283K and his mother’s net worth is $2M. Currently, he has not signed brand endorsement deals with any brands. However, it is sure that he will surely be endorsing some of the top brands from around the world soon in the future.

Personal Life

Christopher Sails Jr. is an adorable and very cute child but he is just a toddler and is very young to be in any kind of romantic relationship. Maybe in the future, he will have a beautiful girlfriend because of his looks, nature, and behavior.

Talking about his parents, they started dating each other in April 2013 but the date of their marriage is unknown. Unfortunately, the couple split their ways in 2017 and got divorced in 2018. The reason for their separation was that Christopher cheated on his wife.

Christopher Sails Jr. – Body Measurements

Christopher Jr.’s height and weight are unknown. Other body measurements of Chris such as chest-waist-hip sizes are unknown as well. However, he is a very cute child. He has got Black curly hair and Black eyes.

Chris Jr.

Caption: Chris Jr. posing for a photo (Source: Wattpad)

Christopher Sails Jr. – Social Media

Chris, being a 4 years old child doesn’t own any social media accounts. Furthermore, he is often featured in videos that are uploaded on his father’s channel and the ‘Daddy & Me’ channel which has mustered 497K subscribers.