Charlie Faeth Wolfe

Charlie Faeth Wolfe

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Updated On September 23, 2022
Tenessee, USA
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Tenessee, USA

Charlie Faeth Wolfe is a celebrity child who is the son of famous figures, Mike and Jodi. Mike Wolfe is an American antique and collectible picker. Charlie’s parents had very interesting relationships. They stayed together for around 18 years before getting married. The news got spots in the media.

Early life

Charlie Faeth Wolfe was born on 30 January 2012, in Tennessee, United States of America. This makes him 10 years old as of 2022. Her father’s name is Mike Faeth Wolfe and his mother is Jodi.

Mike Wolfe is an American antique and collectible picker. She holds an American nationality and follows Christianity. According to astrology, Aquarius is her zodiac sign. There are no details about where she is going to school and studying this time.

Rise to fame

Though Charlie has already gained the status of a celebrity due to the popularity of her parents, she has not started any kind of profession. However, her parents are both busy and living an opulent lifestyle.

Her father is a successful well-known reality television star, and antique hunter.

Charlie Faeth Wolfe

Caption: Charlie Faeth Wolfe enjoying (Source: Antique Archaeology)

Mike is an antique and collectible picker. And, he is also famous for being the creator and star of the history channel’s hit reality television show American Pickers.

He also has his own raveling antique company named Antique Archeology. Further, he also earns good enough money from endorsement deals on Indian motorcycles.

Utilizing his knowledge in the antique collections, he has written several books including the famous American Pickers Guide to Picking.

Net worth

Charlie was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her parents are a millionaire and they enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The total net worth of her dad Mike is about $5 million US dollars as of 2021.

Personal life

Meanwhile, Charlie is a very young child to start a romantic relationship as an adult. She is more closer to her father and mother only. Further, she is also seen enjoying relationships with uncle Robbie Wolfe, and aunty Beth Wolfe.

Furthermore, she is also more close to the grandmother Rita Wolfe. Moreover, she was born with a cleft palate. However, her face is completely normal. Thanks to the numerous facial constructive operations. She is single as of now.

However, her parents have a very good and interesting relationship journey. Wolfe and Faeth first met in the year 1994. While, after spending time together for 2 decades, they decided to hitch. Finally, they married on 8 September 2012.

The ceremony took place in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. However, Charlie is also a half-brother from Jodi’s previous relationship.

Body measurement

Charlie is very beautiful and cute and is growing as a very good and talented person. No information confirms her height and weight, since, she is still growing and has not obtained full height too.

The color of her eyes is black and she also has black-colored hair. Moreover, she has not revealed the overall body measurement.

Charlie Faeth Wolfe

Caption: Charlie Faeth Wolfe height (Source: Idol Persona)

Social media

The child celebrity is yet to be exposed to society and social media as platforms. She appears with her parents at numerous events. While we can also see her photos and news through her parents’ social media platforms.

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