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Updated On February 12, 2024
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Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
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Charles Starkweather

Charles Starkweather is a very famous criminal from the United States of America. Charles Starkweather was a spree killer who murdered eleven people in Nebraska and Wyoming. For his all crimes, he was executed in the electric chair at Nebraska State Penitentiary.

Early Life

Charles Starkweather was born on 24th November 1938, in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America. His father’s name is Guy Starkweather, and his mother is Helen Starkweather. And he also had a sibling named Guyna Lucille Starkweather. While he held an American nationality and practised Christianity. Further, he belonged to the Caucasian ethnicity. According to astrology, he had as his zodiac sign.


Talking about his formal educational status, he completed his schooling at Saratoga Elementary School in his hometown. He also went to Lincoln High School. And, he also accomplished his higher studies at university.

Charles Starkweather – Death

Charles Starkweather is not physically present with us today. He died on 25th June 1959 in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America. The criminal was executed by the electric chair at Nebraska State Penitentiary.

Professional Life

Moving on toward professional life, he might have taken any occupation but there are no details of it. He grew up in a troubled environment and had a troubled youth. Starkweather dropped out of school in the ninth grade and had difficulty finding stable employment. In December 1957, at the age of 19, Starkweather embarked on a killing spree that shocked the nation. Accompanied by his 14-year-old girlfriend, Caril Ann Fugate, he began a series of murders in Nebraska.

Starkweather’s crimes started on December 1, 1957, when he killed a service station attendant named Robert Colvert. Over the following weeks, Starkweather and Fugate went on a killing spree, targeting multiple victims, including Fugate’s family members, a family friend, and other innocent individuals. Their crimes involved multiple murders, robberies, and car thefts. The couple eluded law enforcement for several days, sparking a massive manhunt. However, on January 29, 1958, Starkweather and Fugate were finally captured near Douglas, Wyoming, after a high-speed chase.

Starkweather was convicted of multiple counts of murder and robbery. On June 25, 1959, he was sentenced to death by electric chair. Despite various appeals and public outcry, Starkweather’s sentence was upheld, and he was executed on June 25, 1959, at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln. The Starkweather-Fugate case left a lasting impact on American popular culture, inspiring books, films, and songs based on the events. It also fueled discussions and debates about the nature of crime, juvenile delinquency, and the death penalty.

Net Worth 2023

Charles Starkweather lived a comfortable life with his family. There is no exact detail of his net worth.

Personal Life

Moving on to the romantic and private life of Charles Starkweather, he is not married. While he has been in a relationship with Caril Ann Fugate. They did not last longer together and did not have children too. Apart from it, he has no affairs with any other person. While he is straight regarding gender choices. And, he does not have any kind of controversial events till today.

Charles Starkweather – Body Measurements

Charles Starkweather is very good-looking and has an amazing personality. The criminal stands about 5 feet and 4 inches tall. While he weighs 70kg. Moreover, talking about the overall body measurement, the number ranges have not been revealed yet. The colour of his eyes was brown, and he had black coloured hair.

Social Media

Charles Starkweather did not have accounts on any kind of social media platform.