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Updated On May 5, 2023
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Cerys Morgan

Cerys Morgan is a celebrity family. Cerys Morgan herself is a registered doctor. She is the wife of a famous comedian star and actor Russell Howard. She was in a long-term romantic relationship with Russell.

Early Life

Regarding Cerys Morgan’s personal life, she has maintained it low profile. Despite being the wife of famous celebrity Russel, there is no information about her family, childhood, and other personal information.

According to sources, it is known that Cerys Morgan was born in 1984, in London. Approximately she is 38 years old.  However, Cerys belongs to a very well-developed and supportive family.

Cerys Morgan is a medical student. She is educated and holds a doctorate degree. Also, she is a registered doctor in London. Cerys joined Imperial College London, for her medical studies.

Also, she is specialized in the medical management of Older Surgical Patients.

Cerys Morgan

Caption: Dr. Cerys Morgan at her workplace. Source: Twitter.

Relationship Status

Cerys Morgan is happily married to her long-term boyfriend Russel Howard. This couple has been successful in their 15 years of relationship into marriage in 2019.

It is said that Cerys Morgan is Russell’s friend’s sister. Regarding their relationship, Cerys’s brother was not that supportive, but later they worked out their relationship.

From that time, till now this couple has been having a great time enjoying themselves together and living life happily.

Cerys Morgan

Caption: Glimpse of Cerys and Russell Wedding. Source: Google.

Russel Howard

Russel Howard is an English comedian, well-known for his comic program Russel Howard’s Good News. He is in a relationship with Cerys Morgan for fifteen years. Thereafter he tied the knot with Dr. Cerys.

Howard is a huge fan of football since childhood, and before he decided to pursue comedy as a career. He also frequently participated in community team play.


We already know that Cerys is a very talented and hardworking person. During the time of pandemic caused by the Corona Virus in 2020, doctors and other people in the medical industry faced the greatest challenge of their lives.

One of them was Doctor Cerys Morgan. She was a practicing physician with the National Health Service (NHS). She devoted her life to ensuring the security of others.

Before the pandemic started, she was on a sabbatical, however, instead of leaving to secure the safety of herself and her family, she choose to return to work and aid others.

Cerys and her husband Russel Howard should keep a safe distance from one another when she was interacting with patients who were infected with the virus. Later, Russel said, he was pleased with his wife for doing good deeds.

Russel Howard Career

After being hired by BBC Radio 1 to write, sing, and perform for the program “The Milk Run” in 2004, Russell Howard’s career officially got underway.

Also, he has made appearances in programs like “Banter” and “Political Animal” on BBC Radio 4. A Gert Lush Christmas, a comedy-drama that aired on BBC Two in 2015, marked his acting debut.

Russell Howard and Mum: USA Road Trip was the Comedy Central program he hosted for over a year. Besides his hard work and passion, at the 2006 Chortle Awards, Russell Howard won the “Best Compère” award.

He received an Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination for his performance at the 2006 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Cerys Morgan – Net Worth 2023

Cerys Morgan is a hard working woman, with lots of talent-filled in her. She is a registered doctor in London. However, she is the wife of a celebrity. But, she herself earns pretty well.

The net worth of Dr. Cerys Morgan is $200 thousand approximately.

Cerys Morgan

Caption: Cerys and Russel happy picture. Source: Google.

Cerys Morgan and her husband Russel Howard live a very luxurious and healthy life.

Body Measurements

Cerys Morgan is a beautiful and talented woman. She is fair and her eyes are big. Cerys has blonde hair and brown eyes. However, currently, we don’t have information regarding her height and weight. We will update you about it.

Cerys Morgan – Social Media

Even though, Cerys is well-known among us. She is not socially active. however, she is not active on any kind of social media platform except Twitter.

Cerys uses Twitter quite often. She often tweets random kinds of stuff, mainly about medical science. She is a dog lover. Mostly she posts lots about her pet.

Her Twitter @cerysamorgan1 has 3463 followers. Also, she doesn’t have any other social media accounts. Also, she has kept her life private and enjoys her life in that way.