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Updated On September 28, 2023
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Caspian Slyfox

Caspian Slyfox is a young American Youtube star. Caspian Slyfox made his first appearance on Youtube via his family channel, ‘sly fox family.’ His first youtube video ‘OUR FIRST FAMILY VLOG EVER!!! First Christmas Vlog!! SLYFOX FAMILY | Slyfox Family has more than 111k views. Caspian Slyfox is also on other social media platforms like Instagram.

Early Life and Childhood

Caspian Slyfox is Caspian Harper-Brown by birth. He is one of the top YouTubers born in February. Adorable Caspian recently celebrated his birthday a week ago. Caspian came to this world on 8th Feb 2012. Slyfox’s birthplace is Utah in the United States of America.

Slyfox has a family of four. He is born to Andrew and Hannah Slyfox. His father, Andrew is a family vlogger, musician, and entrepreneur. Talking more about his family, his parents got engaged after knowing each other just for  5 days.

Caspian has an older sister name, Jaedyn. Jaedyn is also a Youtuber as she gets featured on her family channel, ‘Slyfox family.’ The Slyfox family welcomed a new member in 2019. Hannah gave birth to a baby boy. They named him, Sebastien.


Caspian Slyfox

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Caspian is American by nationality and North American by ethnicity. In his childhood, he started appearing in ‘Slyfox Family’ at the age of 3.

He doesn’t seem reluctant in front of the camera. Thus, his vlogs and other videos indicate that he is living his childhood in the best way possible.

As per the video ‘CRAZY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! 2016 | Slyfox Family, young Slyfox is homeschooled. He is enjoying his schooling with other kids.

Caspian Slyfox- Social Media

Caspian has a huge fan following. His Instagram account has had 192k followers up to this time. Similarly, He uses a Facebook account with the username, @caspianslyfox. It has more than 800 likes and followers.

It can be assumed that it has not been more time since he started using Facebook. Unfortunately, he doesn’t own a Twitter account. If he would, he would have huge followers like in any other social media.

Caspian Slyfox – Professional Life

Slyfox got immense love from the viewers right after his first video.‘OUR FIRST FAMILY VLOG EVER!!! First Christmas Vlog!! SLY FOX FAMILY | Slyfox Family,’ uploaded on  December 25, 2015, became his breakthrough. This video has 111k views with more than 2.2k likes. His self-titled YouTube channel ‘Caspian Slyfox‘ has gained more than 14.5K subscribers to date.

So far, they have been uploading vlogs of their vacations. Other videos include Pranks, Caspian dying his hair, Kids in Disneyland, and so on. Most of the videos are with kids.’POOL PARTY EMERGENCY BEE STING! ‘ has got the highest number of date views.

In the video, they were celebrating Independence Day on the 4th of July. They were home-cooking, BBQing, and having a pool party.  Bee-stung Jaedyn in the pool. This video has amassed 34 million views until now.

His video as a mini Justin Bieber with @avefoley as Hailey Bieber is getting a lot of popularity these days.

Caspian has been in the limelight in videos such as ‘MEETING MINI COLE & SAV!! ❤️ First Secret Crush With Everleigh!! ?’.’ MY GIRLFRIEND RIPPED MY TOOTH OUT!! With Everleigh & Cole and Sav’, ‘CASPIAN’S SECRET LOVE LETTER Valentine’s Day Surprise!!’

Caspian Slyfox

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Other Channels featuring Caspian

Slyfox family’s life has no more private life. They have almost uploaded everything related to their life. They have other three channels besides their family channel. ‘Jaedyn Slyfox’ is another channel that includes a few videos of Caspian and Jaedyn.

’60 Seconds With Caspian’, ‘Little Tikes SPIRALIN’ SEAS WATERPARK + See it in action!’ were the videos a few years back.

Whereas ‘DONT Smash The WRONG Mystery EASTER EGG! *expensive*’ and”Pop Pops Pets” Popping Bubbles with Slime Surprises Inside | Caspian Slyfox’ are the latest videos of the channel.

Other than Youtube, his parents have a clothing line named, ‘Slyfox Threads’.Custom-made T-shirts, caps, bracelets, and other commodities are available. Andrew Slyfox is currently serving as a CEO after founding it in 2014.

Caspian has modeled for one of the T-shirts with the print,’ Girls are cool.’ Further, his Instagram photo has caught the attention of lots of fan followers toward him. Especially, recreating a photo of celebrity pop singer Justin Beiber looks very good.

Relationship Status

Caspian’s age is not too involved romantically with anyone. The kids of this age are ahead of us in every aspect these days. His parents handle all the channels and are fully aware of what has been uploaded.

From the videos, it seems that Everleigh, his crush has turned into a girlfriend now.

Caspian Slyfox

Caption: Caspian with @Everleighrose , Source: Instagram

Body Measurements

Charming Slyfox is in the age of constant growth. We don’t have exact measurements of his height and weight. However, the fun-loving kid has a lean and slim build. Both the hair and eye color of Caspian is light brown.


As Caspian is very young for his age, he has not received any awards yet. But, his fan has gifted him a dog.  He has achieved the greatest of all awards, which is the immense love of the viewers.

Caspian is of small age, but his bank balance is not less than any huge celebrity. Slyfox’s income stream includes merchandise, Youtube, and sponsorship. As he has garnered 208K followers so far, advertisers pay for the post.

Caspian Slyfox – Net Worth 2023

His charge range from $663.75 – $1,106.25.Also, from Youtube, he makes approximately $12.9K to $206.1K.

As per the demand of his followers, his merchandise price ranges from $4-$50. As per the sources, his net worth was estimated to be $1 million to $5 million. Caspian’s net worth in 2023 is yet to be revealed.