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CaRtOoNz is an American social media personality. CaRtOnNz is a content creator on Youtube famous for the gaming content he posts on Youtube. Likewise, his Youtube channel is ‘CaRtOnNz’ and has over 3.63 million subscribers in it.

Early Life and Childhood

CaRtOnNz was born on 21st September 1982 and is currently 38 years old. His birth name is Luke Patterson and his zodiac sign is Virgo. Likewise, Luke was born in North Carolina, United States of America, and holds American citizenship. Similarly, talking about his ethnicity and religion, he belongs to Caucasian ethnicity and follows Christianity. Likewise, about his family members, Luke is the son of Frank Patterson and Gail Herring Patterson. Similarly, he has one sister whose name is Christina Patterson. Likewise, Luke spent his childhood in Washington D.C, and later moved to North Carolina, United States of America.

Similarly, Luke is loved by her grandmother and visit her often during the holidays. Likewise, he admits that video games have been his hobby since hid and remembers playing it since the age of five years old. Similarly, he has always dreamt of becoming a superhero after watching such comics. Furthermore, talking about his educational background, Luke graduated with a degree in Aircraft Structural Engineering from Rockingham Community College.

Professional Life

Luke is a social media personality who is a content creator on Youtube. Likewise, he is popular for his gaming content he posts on the channel. However, Luke started his career as an Aircraft Structural Engineer five years after graduation. Likewise, he started his channel on Youtube at the age of 24 years old when he thought of pursuing a career besides Engineering. Moreover, he started his ‘CaRtOoNz’ on 11th September 2006 and has over 3.63 million subscribers in it. Likewise, in this channel, he uploads video games including Rainbow Six: Siege, Red Dead Redemption 2, and For Honor. Additionally, his channel also has non-gaming videos including Ferrari events with I AM WILDCAT, conventions like E3 and PAX, and Q&As.

However, even though he started his channel back in the year 2006, his oldest video on the channel dates back to 2014. Likewise, ‘(JAN 2014 FORMAT) – DRAGON RULERS VS KARAKURI (GAMES 1 & 2)’ is his oldest video on the channel posted on 6th January 2014and has over 39k views on it. Followed by this, he posted ‘(JAN 2014 FORMAT) – DRAGON RULERS VS KARAKURI (GAME 3)’ on 6th January 2014 and has over 3.6k views on it. Likewise, he often collaborates with Youtuber Delirious and they often refer to each other as brothers.

Moreover, Luke has posted 2,119 videos on the channel and has over 897 million views in his videos. Similarly, ‘WWE 2K15 – CARTOONX VS H2O DELIRIOUS (TABLE MATCH W/ BONUS BACKSTAGE BRAWL!)’ is his popular video on the channel. This video has 3.2 million views on it since he posted on 28th October 2014. Likewise, his other popular videos include ‘UNO: THE MOVIE (STARRING CARTOONZ, H2O DELIRIOUS, OHMWRECKER, & BRYCE)’, ‘FINDING BIGFOOT| GOTCHA B*TCH! (W/ H20 DELIRIOUS & OHMWRECKER)’, and ‘THIS NEW HIDE AND SEEK GAME MODE IS AWESOME!’. These videos have over 3 million views on it.

Net Worth

Talking about his net worth, Luke is a social media personality who is a content creator on Youtube. Likewise, he has been making a decent amount of earnings and impressive fame from his career. However, he has not yet shared his earnings in media.

Relationship status

Regarding his relationship status, Luke is straight and probably single at the moment. Likewise, at present, he seems to be away from being in a romantic relationship with anyone. Moreover, before this, he dated the sister of Youtuber H2O Delirious for almost eight years. However, their present relationship status is unknown.


Caption: CaRtOoNz with Genay Peavey. Source: Instagram

Body Measurement and Social Media

Luke stands 6 feet 3 inches (75 inches) tall. Likewise, he has a tall and fit body physique but his other body measurement details including weight and vital stats are not yet available. Similarly, looking at his physical appearance, he has fair skin with blonde hair and dark brown pair of eyes.


Caption: CaRtOoNz posing for a picture. Source: Instagram

Reflecting upon his social media presence, CaRtOoNz is active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter besides Youtube. Likewise, his Instagram account is @cartoonz, and has 855K followers. His Facebook account is @cartOonz and has 47K followers. Similarly, his Twitter account is @_CaRtOoNz, and has 756K followers.