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Updated On September 28, 2023
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Brooke Skylar Richardson

Brooke Skylar Richardson is a young American former cheerleader. Brooke Skylar Richardson became popular after being charged for allegedly burying her child right after birth.

Early Life

Brooke Skylar Richardson was born in the year 1999 and she is currently 23 years old. However, there is no information regarding Brooke’s exact date of birth. Brooke hails from Ohio, USA.

Talking about her family, Brooke’s mother is Kim Richardson and her father is Scott Richardson.

They resided in Eagle Ridge, where Brooke’s father works as an accountant whereas her mother is an HR manager.

She also has a brother who testified during Brooke’s trial court. His name is Jackson Richardson. She attended Carlisle High School and was a cheerleader.

In 2020, there was news that Brooke was planning to attend college in Kentucky fall of the same year.

Moreover, in high school, Brooke was student council and on the honor roll. She also volunteered at a soup kitchen as well as taught cheerleading to kids with disabilities.

Likewise, Brooke had been accepted to the University of Cincinnati where she planned to study psychology.

Brooke Skylar Richardson

Caption: Brooke Skylar Richardson in a childhood photograph. Source: Cosmopolitan

Brooke Skylar Richardson – Net Worth 2023

Moving on, Brooke has a net worth of around  $300,000 US dollars.

Relationship Status

Brooke Skylar Richardson is most probably single at present. However, she was in a relationship with Brandon Saylor.

However, the father of Brooke’s late child is Trey Johnson and his family organized a candlelight vigil for the late baby girl at the Chautauqua Community Center, 23 Entrance Rd. in Miamisburg.

Social Media

It looks like Brooke Skylar Richardson doesn’t have a personal account on any social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. People shared that she had profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

However, due to her trials and legal charges, Brooke might have deleted her accounts.

Career and Professional Life

Brooke Skylar Richardson gained fame after she was charged with 3 to 4 criminal charges in the year 2017. The charges for Brooke’s acquaintance to murder in the death of her newborn.

Brook is also a former high school cheerleader. As of 2020, Brooke is back with her family and planning for college.

Previously, Brooke was actually tried in court for the aggravated murder of her baby and faced the potential of life in prison.

Talking in detail about her case, Brooke learned about her pregnancy from her OB-GYN in April 2017.

However, she told no one. Later on May 7, 2017, Brooke gave birth to a daughter in her home and still told no one. This was only 48 hours after her high school prom.

More Details

Later on, in July 2017, Brooke visited her OB-GYN and shared that her child was stillborn. She also told the doctor that she buried the baby’s body in her family home’s backyard.

Soon, Brooke’s doctor notified authorities. Subsequently, the authorities interrogated the then 18 years old Brooke without a lawyer.

Subsequently, Brooke was charged with a number of counts, including aggravated murder, which carries a mandatory life sentence.

Brooke Skylar Richardson

Caption: Brooke is ready for her trial. Source: Cosmopolitan

Then in July 2019, the prosecutors approached Brooke’s lawyers – Charles H. Rittgers and his son, Charles M. Rittgers.

The prosecutors offered a plea deal that would’ve dropped the aggravated murder charge, however, which would have still sent Brooke to prison.

However, they turned down the prosecutor’s offer and this proved to be a good decision. It is because jurors acquitted Brooke Skylar of the most serious charges. This also included aggravated murder.

This happened on September 12, 2019. Also in September 2019, the then-20-year-old Brooke was convicted of corpse abuse. This was possible because Brooke was cleared of killing her newborn baby.

During her trial, Brooke’s brother also testified that she suffered from an eating disorder. In 2020, it was revealed that Brooke still struggles with an eating disorder and is undergoing treatment/receiving treatment.

Brooke Skylar Richardson – Body Measurements

Brooke Skylar Richardson stands tall at an approximate height of 5 feet 2 inches or 1.6 meters and her weight is around 50 kgs or 110 lbs.

Other than this, there is no information regarding Brooke’s other body measurement details like her chest-waist-hip measures, dress size, shoe size, etc. Moreover, Brooke has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Brooke Skylar Richardson

Caption: Brooke posing for a photo on her prom. Source: Cosmopolitan