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Updated On December 18, 2022

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Bert Kish is a talented director and editor known as a hardworking and creative personality. Besides these, Bert Kish had also known as a producer, writer, and veteran filmmaker.

Early Life

The veteran and talented personality, Bert Kish is born on 15 September 1965, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. But at the age of 52, he passes away due to cancer. Similarly, talking about his family background he is the son of  Albert Kish who was a multi-talented personality.

Albert kish is also a film director, Steven Spielberg of his generation, who arrived in Canada in 1957 with a copy of the book “Film Kultura” in his armpit. He came to make films – and money. Senior Kish passed away on 23 October 2015 due to cancer.

His father started his career as a still photographer and later worked at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto as a film editor and later joined the National Film Board of Canada in Montreal.

He has not spoken much about his mother. There is also not mentioned her name. He had grown up together with his brother, Colin whose information is not available.

Similarly, talking about his education there is not much information but he graduates his education in West mounts High School. Later, he went to join McGill University for further studies. Talking about his hobby he has not spoken about it.


Likewise, I had said earlier at the age of 52 he passed away due to cancer but there is no information on the type that cut his life short. It was just announced that he died on 24th May 2017 of cancer. His father Albert is also a cancer patient.

After 2 years of his father’s death, he also died in 2017. While his corporeal presence is no more, his works on the screen still live on.

Relationship status

Bert Kish is married to Vanessa Trackewsky. When he was alive, he was not the type who was comfortable in sharing his personal information about his family. There is not much information about his personal life. He always wants to keep his personal life private.

Moreover talking about his children he has one child. Their union was blessed with a son named Aris who was born in 2006.

The boy was 11 years old when his father passed away. He was not also the type whose name made the rounds in rumor mills rocking Hollywood. He was a real family man.

Career and Professional Life

Like his father, Albert Kish, Bert also wants to grow up to become an accomplished filmmaker and editor. Similarly, talking short thing about his father he is a  multi-talent personality who works as a director, film-maker, photographer, editor, and producer.

Albert had worked in several movies including ‘Family House’, ‘Summer of ’67’, ‘Bread’, and many more. He follows the footsteps of his father and directs the movie and series including ‘Snow Bride’, ‘Winter Song’, and ‘Stranded In Paradise’, among others.

Bert Kish

Caption: Bert Kish the Canadian cinema editor. (source: google)

Also, he has been an editor for projects including ‘Longmire’, ‘Death Valley’, ‘The Bridge’, ‘The Legacy’, and many more. One of the greatest gifts that Albert Kish impacted his son at his tender age was his film editing skills, cinematography skills, and photography skills.

He learns the craft so well and on his own, learn other soft skills like writing and film making.

He had a breakthrough in his career when he became the editor of the series “Jake and The Kid” in 1994. He has worked in “The Haunting of Sorority Row” the horror made for TV film known as “Deadly Pledge” in Europe and Australia.

He also directed “Snow Bride”, “Winter Song”, and “Stranded In Paradise”.

Bert Kish – Net worth 2022

Similarly talking about the net worth Bert Kish has estimated net worth of $1.9 million. All the income comes from his directing and editing. This money he made through the films he edited and directed and since he didn’t make a lot of films.


Similarly, talking about his achievements for his hard work and dedication, he has won many nominations and awards.

Bert Kish – Social Media 2022

Though being one of the public figures, he is not quite active on social media platforms. He is not active on almost all social media platforms