Beauty in Distress

Beauty in Distress

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Updated On February 1, 2021

Beauty in Distress is the American Beauty and Style vlogger popular for her Youtube channel ‘@BeautyinDistress’ Youtube channel. Beauty in Distress was also the spokesmodel for the UniversiTee Box.

Early Life and Childhood

Beauty in Distress was born on 13th April 1999 and is currently 21 years old. Her real name is Jaiden Ashlea Dillon and her zodiac sign is an Aries. Jaiden was born in Florida, United States of America. Likewise, her nationality is America and follows Christianity. Furthermore, talking about his family, Jaiden has not spoken much about her family. However, she has often talked about her mom and her mom’s boyfriend. Likewise, she has an elder sister named Brianna Dillon.

Beauty in Distress

Caption: Jaiden with her sister Brianna. Source: Instagram

Furthermore, reflecting upon her educational background, Jaiden is a high school graduate. Likewise, she dropped out of college to pursue her career on Youtube. However, she has not shared much about the educational institution she enrolled in.

Beauty in Distress

Caption: Jaiden on her graduation day with her dad. Source: Instagram

Professional life

Jaiden started her career on Youtube since 12th August 2015. She opened her main channel ‘Jaiden Ashlea’ and has 192K followers as of now. Likewise, Jaiden was into fashion and lifestyle since childhood and had a keen interest in beauty and makeup. Even her Youtube description is ‘Fashion is a way of life, not a hobby’. Moreover, Jaiden is a beauty and style vlogger who was famous for her ‘Beauty in Distress’ channel. It was the previous name of her channel, however, currently, she has renamed the title into self-title.

Likewise, Jaiden mostly uploads videos of contents related to vlogs, pranks, tags, favorite videos, QnA, and make-up and beauty products haul. Her first video was ‘Meeting Us’ which she uploaded along with her friend on 12th August 2015. This was her first video and has received 7.6K views. Likewise, followed by this, Jaiden started uploading vlogs of events and places she traveled. Similarly, her following videos were, ‘Vlog #1| Family Day’, ‘Vlog #2 |A Day at Paxon’, ‘My Shoe Collection| Heels’, ‘Beauty Favorites’, and ‘Vlog #3 Conquering Georgia’. Likewise, Jaiden has also made videos related to product reviews and DIYs.

Likewise, her popular video is ‘Swapping Makeup Bags with my 16-year-old sister!!’. Jaiden did makeup challenge with her cousin and has received 1.6 million views. Similarly, her other popular videos are, ‘I Took My 17-Year-Old Sister to Get Her First Brazilian (She Cried)’, ‘PROM 2017 VLOG’, ‘My Breakup Playlist 2019+ Learning How to Move ON!’. Jaiden has over 192K subscribers on her channel and has over 13.2 million views on her videos. Likewise, she loves to call her fans ‘JAIBAES’.


Her recent upload is ‘Jaiden Turns 21 FT The JAIBAES’. This video has received 2.7K views after being uploaded on 13th April 2020. Furthermore, besides the main channel, Jaiden also has another channel named ‘JaidenAshlea Vlogs’ which she opened on 5th September 2017’. In this channel, she uploads mainly about her personal life, travel and food vlogs, and her family vlogs. She has over 22.5K subscribers and 490K views on this channel.

Moreover, besides Youtube, Jaiden also takes part in various beauty pageants. Likewise, she completed the National Citrus Teen 2017 pageant. Similarly, Jaiden also became a spokesmodel for UniversiTee Box in the year 2017.

Net worth and Rumors

Being a fashion vlogger, Jaiden is quite popular among her fans. She has earned quite a fame at a very young age. Likewise, her primary source of income is her Youtube channel. According to online sources like Forbes, Wikipedia, IMDb Jaiden has a net worth of $9 million. However, there is no information regarding her asset value.

Similarly, Jaiden loves to keep her personal life separately from professional and does not like mixing it. So there are no rumors and controversy related to her yet. Moreover, we can see than Jaiden is more focused on her career rather than getting involved in any kind of controversy.

Relationship status

Jaiden is currently engaged. She recently got engaged with a guy named Noah on July 30th, 2020. She shares her engagement video on her YouTube channel as well. Moroever, she has even already shred her wedding date which will be happening on December 4th, 20201. And even captained with:

“Well, it’s official! Let’s the wedding plans begin ? Can’t wait to plan the winter wonderland of my dreams! ? (P.S. Elsa approves lol) #dillongotdetricked”

However, she had been in two relationships before and her last relationship was with the boy named Brandon. Jaiden also had a channel named ‘J&B Channel’ with her ex. Unfortunately, after Brandon cheated Jaiden, it took a second for them to end their three years relationship. Likewise, Jaiden has also dated fellow Youtuber Tyriq Withers and has collaborated videos together.

Body Measurement and Social Media

There is no information regarding body measurements, height, and weight of Jaiden. Moreover, she has fair skin with a beautiful pair of brown eyes and blonde hair. Similarly, she has a slim and well-maintained body.

Beauty in Distress

Reflecting upon her social media presence, besides her two Youtube channels, Jaiden is active on Twitter and Instagram. She joined Twitter in December 2012 and her first tweet was ‘Airports suck. #pointblank’. Her twitter handle is @jaidenashlea and has 7,614 followers. Likewise, her Instagram handle is @jaiden.ashlea nad has 53.4k followers.