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Bazza Gazza Age, Net Worth & All Biography - Updated Dec 2022

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Updated On October 19, 2022

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Nowadays, most gamers and streamers are getting popular. Among them, Bazza Gazza is one of them. He is most famous for playing first-person shooters like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Moreover, he puts his gameplay footage on his popular Youtube channel, ‘Bazza Gazza’. He is one of the trending celebs who is popular for being a YouTube star.

Early life

Brodey Rogan de Meur better known as Bazza Gazza was born on 1st February 1997 in Australia. Currently, Bazza is 26 years old. He is an Australian citizen. More than that, he was born under a horoscope sign of Aquarius. Besides his birth date and horoscope, there is no more information regarding his parents, sibling, and childhood life. Looking at his successful career, we can assume that, his parents raised him well as a child.

Talking about his educational life, there is no information regarding his graduation and college. We can assume that he has graduated and completed his studies at a university.

Professional life

Bazza Gazza is an Australian gamer and streamer. Talking about his professional life, he started uploading his gameplay on YouTube in late 2015. His first video on YouTube video title was ‘An average day in H1Z1′. More than that, he started to play mainly the “CS: GO’ counter strike game with his crew of other YouTubers. After that, he later migrated to making Overwatch videos.

He gained popularity and attention also by big YouTubers such as Zylbrad, Saltyphish, and Muselk. Moreover, he gains more popularity by playing Fortnite in seasons 4 and 5 with Youtubers likes Muselk (Elliot) and Crayator (Cray). He used to live and stream with them as well as other users in a YouTuber group. His most viewed video was ‘Overwatch Tutorial Speedrun’. In which, there are more than 3 million views and 80k likes. To this day, he has earned 961k subscribers on his YouTube channel. As of now, Bazza makes a mix of Minecraft and Vrchat videos for his YouTube channel.

To this day, Bazza has not received any awards nor got nominated. In nearby, looking at his successful career, he can get awards and nominations in upcoming years.

Net Worth

Bazza Gazza

Caption: Bazza Gazza trip to Japan (Source: Instagram)

Talking about Bazza’s primary income source is YouTube. In 2019, his estimated net worth was $100k to 1 million dollars. Besides that, he has not revealed his net worth for this year. But, we can assume that his net worth has increased and will be increased in the upcoming years.

Relationship status

Bazza Gazza

Caption: Bazza Gazza with his friend (Source: Instagram)

Till now, Bazza Gazza is an unmarried man and single. He adores keeping a position of safety with respect to his relationship and issues. A considerable lot of his fans are following for him to come out with the name of his sweetheart or fiancee.

Rumors and Controversy

Till now, he is not a part of any kind of controversy. Once he was a part of a rumor. Where he posted this photo on his Twitter account with the caption ‘Who needs a girlfriend now that there are Snapchat filters’. For example, a considerable lot of his supporters believed that the young lady in this photograph may truly be his girlfriend. But the truth made his fans burst into tears of laughter as this person was actually Bazza Gazza turned into a girl by Snapchat effects.

Body Measurement and Social media

Bazza Gazza mentions his height on a tweet to be 6 feet 7 inches. But in reality, he shall be 5 feet 10 inches. The question that remains is if this tweet is done seriously or funnily. Is Bazza Gazza Really 6 feet 7 inches? Besides that, there is no more information regarding his weight, eye,s and hair color.

Bazza Gazza

Caption: Bazza Gazza body measurement (Source: Instagram)

Bazza is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. On his Instagram, there are more than 220k followers, and on Twitter, there are more than 333k followers.