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Audun Laading

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Updated On September 27, 2022
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Audun Laading was an amazing musician, performer, and singer who hails from Norway. Audun Laading is the back vocal singer and bass player of the music band, “Her’s” which is based in Liverpool.

Early Life

Audun Laading was born in the year 1993, in Norway and his full real name is Audun Matthias Laading. The musician was a Norwegian native and he was following the Christian religion. Even after being a popular public figure, Audun Laading has never told anything about his family and childhood. In fact, Audun Laading himself has been keeping his every personal information private.

As for his educational background, Audun Laading went to the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) after schooling. Moreover, it was at the same time when Audun Laading got to meet Stephen. And with time, Audun and Stephen became good friends and are popular for their energetic performances. Also, both of the fellows are supportive and humorous in nature. Before this, the musician first went to a high school located in Norway. From there, Audun Laading has received a degree in Performing Arts & Music Training.

Audun Laading

Caption: Audun Laading when he was young (Source: Instagram)


Besides the professional life and career of Audun Laading, he used to get himself engaged in other several activities. In his free time, Audun Laading used to traveling very often and his favorite holiday destinations are Sweden, Berlin, and London. Similarly, the Norwegian musician’s favorite colors are blue, brown, and green. Audun Laading also loves playing bass and eating more Mexican cuisines. Moreover, Audun Laading also watches movies and TV shows sometimes in his spare time. So, the favorite celebrities of Audun Laading are the actor, Will Smith, and the actress, Emma Stone.


Sadly, the Norwegian musician passed away on 27th March 2019, in Santa Ana, California. The cause of Audun Laading’s death is from being in a car accident. It was the Nissan car that went on to collide with a spontaneous track. Audun Laading was just twenty-six years old as of 2019. It was the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) that had stated every detail about the incident. At the time of the accident, Audun’s band’s manager, Trevor Engelbrektson was also present with them inside the car.

They were heading towards Santa Ana which is in California to attain in a show which was about to happen on 27th March 2019. As a public figure obviously, Audun Laading’s admirers were very sad and heartbroken after hearing his death news. In fact, it was a very hard time for the whole family of Audun Laading, Stephen, and Trevor. Still, Audun Laading’s band members must be missing him very much.

Career and Professional Life

Audun Laading’s record tag is “Heist or Hit”. As mentioned before, Audun Laading is one of the members of the Norwegian band, “Her’s” which has been quite popular. It did not take a long time for the band to achieve numerous followers and admirers in the BBC radio airplay team. The whole band even went on the nineteen days tour to the U.S. This happened after they brought out their album, “Invitation to Her’s” in the year 2018. There, the members of their band, “Her’s” were only present where Audun Laading was singing vocals, playing bass, and Stephen Fitzpatrick was playing guitar and also singing.

The biggest fan of “Her’s” are Jez Wing and Bunnymen. On the other side, Wing plays the keyboard for Echo who is also a music teacher. After then, Audun Laading was present to perform on the stage of Green Man Festival Rising Stage in the year 2016 and he rocked there. “Low Beam”, “Under Wraps”, “Speed Racer”, and “Harvey” are the songs from the “Her’s” band. In addition to this, Audun Laading’s band has wholly fledged albums such as “Songs of Her’s” in the year 2017 and “Invitation to Her’s” in the year 2018.

Audun Laading

Caption: Audun Laading performing on the stage (Source: Pinterest)


Net Worth

Audun Laading surely was earning a decent amount of money from his professional music career. The estimated net worth of Audun Laading was around $400 thousand US dollars at the time of his death. Audun Laading was earning by performing in several shows, going for musical tours, and from the music he produced.

Before passing away, Audun Laading was living a happy and struggling life together with his family in Liverpool, United Kingdom. If Audun Laading was still alive, his net worth and financial status would have increased to a great amount to this day.

Relationship Status

As mentioned, Audun Laading has always been very secretive about his every personal matter. In fact, Audun Laading himself was never active on any of the social media platforms. So, there is no single information on whether Audun Laading was dating someone or has already dated a couple of girls. But according to some sources, Audun Laading was single and was not dating anyone till the day of his death. Other than this, Audun Laading has also never been engaged in any unwanted rumors and controversial matters.

Audun Laading

Caption: Audun Laading with Stephen (Source: Pinterest)

Body Measurement

As for the body measurements of Audun Laading, he had a very slim body type with a dashing personality. Audun Laading had a tall posture with 5 feet 7 inches or else 170 cm or 1.7 m in height. Similarly, Audun Laading had a suitable bodyweight of around 60 kg or 132 lbs.

The Norwegian musician’s chest size was 35 inches, and his waist size was 30 inches. Audun Laading’s hips size was 12 inches and his hips size was 33 inches. In addition to his physical statistics, Audun Laading used to wear a shoe having the size of 8 (UK). Audun Laading also had a fair complexion with a pair of brown eyes and short dark brown hair.

Social Media

As for the social media platforms. Audun Laading was quite active there for some time. The Norwegian musician has a Facebook account with numerous friends added on there. For now, Audun Laading’s Facebook account is kept for remembering him. This makes it very clear that Audun Laading still has a very good impression on several people who admired him.

However, there are several social media accounts for the band where Audun Laading was also a member. As of July 2021, the “Her’s” band’s Instagram account has already gained 62.1 thousand followers.

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