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Updated On September 28, 2023
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Anjlee Gadhvi

Anjlee Gadhvi was a popular news anchor for the K24 news channel from Kenya, East Africa. Moreover, Anjlee Gadhvi was the producer of the channel and was struggling with liver cancer from the year 2013.

Early Life

Anjlee Gadhvi was born in Kenya, East Africa on August 7, 1983. Anjlee’s zodiac sign was Leo. Moreover, Anjlee’s family migrated from India to Kenya. Furthermore, Anjlee’s father was an Indian who lives in Kenya for work. Additionally, Anjlee’s mother’s name is Meenaxi Padi, and she loved her mother. Anjlee’s parents settle in Kenya, East Africa, after getting married. Besides that, there is no more information regarding Anjlee’s parents, siblings, and early childhood life. Looking at Anjlee’s success, we can assume that she was well-raised by her parents in her hometown.

Anjlee Gadhvi studied and completed her education at a middle-high school in Kenya, East Africa. Moreover, Anjlee graduated with a degree in mass communication from the University of Kenya.


K24 news Anchor Anjlee lost the battle with cancer on Friday, January 10, 2020, at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi. She was 37 years old at the time of her death. A grand funeral was also held for her.

Professional life

Anjlee Gadhvi used to work as a host at Standard Media Group before joining the K-24 Channel. Moreover, Anjlee was also a journalist. Later, Anjlee joined the K-24 news channel and worked as a senior anchor for the channel. After working for a long time, Anjlee became the producer of the K-24 Channel. Additionally, Anjlee worked with the news anchor and editor Peter Opondo. Moreover, Anjlee anchored the breakfast news for the channel.

Anjlee talked about world war 3 between Iraq and the United States in January 2020. At that time, the president of Iran Hassan Rouhani confirmed the Ukrainian plane crash was done by their Army force in January 2020. Moreover, the missiles which shot down the plane were fired due to human error which caused the death of 176 innocent people.

Anjlee Gadhvi

Caption: Anjlee working as a news anchor (Source: Instagram)

However, Anjlee realized that she suffered light pain in her liver and went to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor told Anjlee that she is suffering from liver cancer after checking her. After that, Anjlee started appealing to the public for the money required for the treatment of her cancer. Moreover, the public knew her well as Anjlee was a famous news anchor and the public donated her KSH 6 million.

Anjlee underwent cancer surgery in 2015 and her surgery became successful. Furthermore, Anjlee won the Gala Awards for cancer warrior of the Year. However, Anjlee again suffered from cancer pain and went to India for treatment in 2019. Moreover, Anjlee’s treatment went well in India and she moved to Kenya after her treatment. However, Anjlee died at the age of 37 on January 10, 2020, due to liver cancer.

Achievements and Net Worth 2023

Anjlee won the Gala Awards for cancer warrior of the Year after her fight against liver cancer. Besides that, there is no further information about Anjlee Gadhvi’s other achievements and honors.

Anjlee had earned a significant amount of money as the anchor and producer for K-24 Channel. The estimated net worth of Anjlee was around $650 US dollars before her death. However, there is no further information about Anjlee’s salary and other sources of income.

Relationship Status

Anjlee Gadhvi

Caption: Anjlee with her husband Mohammed and her two daughters (Source: Instagram)

Anjlee Gadhvi was married to her husband Mohammed Noorani who is a businessman. Moreover, Anjlee had two daughters and her elder daughter’s name is Insiya. Besides that, there is no further information about Anjlee’s marriage date or when she started dating her husband Mohammed.

Talking about Anjlee’s rumors and controversy, she was not a part of them. Besides that, Anjlee was focusing on her personal and professional life. Moreover, Anjlee liked to keep a distance from the rumors and the controversy.

Anjlee Gadhvi – Body Measurement

Anjlee Gadhvi stood at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed around 58 Kg. Anjlee had black hair and black eyes. Besides that, there is no further information about Anjlee’s other body measurements.

Anjlee Gadhvi

Caption: Anjlee body measurement (Source: Instagram)

Anjlee Gadhvi – Social Media

Anjlee was pretty active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter before her death. However, Anjlee’s social media accounts are still available on social media platforms. Her Instagram account @anjleegadhvi has over 12.1K followers. On Twitter, Anjlee has 6,211 followers. Anjlee has over 4.2K followers on her Facebook page.