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Allison Rivera

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Updated On September 27, 2022
Colorado, America
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Colorado, America

Allison Rivera is an entrepreneur from Colorado, the United States of America. Allison Rivera served as the Vice President of the Business Development department at Boulevard Company. Moreover, she also connected with the California-based company for a long time.

Early Life and Childhood

Allison Rivera was born in Colorado, the USA on June 15, 1970. Allison’s father’s name is Thomas Jones and her mother’s name is Kathleen Jines. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini and she is currently 51 years old. Allison holds American nationality and white caucasian ethnicity. Moreover, Allison has a brother named Chris Jones.


Allison Rivera completed her school education at the Kent Denver School located in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. She was a multitalented student at her school. Allison participated in sports activities like basketball, volleyball, soccer, and cross-country track.

She graduated from the University in Diego and received Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Management with a minor course in French and Communication. Allison completed her writing course during her University at UCLA.

Professional life

Allison Rivera has been working in various cities since 1995. Allison worked and managed the departmental budgeting role in the golf company of the San Diego region. Moreover, she also handled the finance department of the US Mobility of Los Angeles in 1995. In 1999, Allison worked at the Luxelle International in the Beverly Hills region. Allison joined the hairstyling industry after she moved with her husband Ray to Baltimore.

Allison worked at Sexy Hair Concepts in 2002. Sexy Hair Concepts is a Los Angeles-based hairstyling brand. Allison worked in the same company and worked as a brand manager position in 2006. She stayed in Venice as a self-employed business consultant for over a decade. Allison was a business strategy specialist for the DermaSilk Company in Glastonbury, Connecticut until 2013. Allison then spent four years managing the KeraColor Haircare brand’s business development department.

Moreover, she served as the President of the GIBS Glomming Colorado-based men grooming company. Allison works for Boulevard as the Business Development department’s Vice President after she moved to Los Angeles in 2019. Allison is responsible to handle the development, and location of the market position, preparing proposals, exploring business opportunities, and adding value to the present and future customers. Besides that, Allison is popular as the wife of writer Rey Rivera.

Rey Rivera became popular after his disappearance and death in 2006. Netflix has relaunched the hit-crime show Unsolved Mysteries. The first episode of the show featured the unexplained death of Rey Rivera. When Baltimore police concluded Rey’s death was a suicide Allison and his family didn’t agree. Moreover, the death of Rey remains a mystery even Allison and his family have been trying to solve it.

Achievements and Net Worth

Talking about Allison’s awards and nominations, she hasn’t won them so far. Moreover, looking at Allison’s success and fan following, we can presume that she will win some of them in the coming years.

Besides her involvement with different companies, there is no information about Allison’s net worth or salary.

Relationship Status

Allison Rivera is the widow of late writer Rey Rivera. In 2004, Rey and Allison relocated to Baltimore from the Southern California area. The couple was in a serious relationship at that time. Allison and Rey married in 2006 with the approval of their families. After settling in Baltimore, Rey planned to join his friend Porter Stanberry in the position of editor and writer at the financial newsletter.

Allison Rivera

Caption: Allison Rivera with her husband Rey Rivera (Source: Marie Claire)

Unfortunately, Rey passed away after six months of his marriage on May 24, 2006. His dead body was found in the abandoned area of Baltimore’s hotel named Belvedere Hotel. However, the police ruled the death as suicide but Allison and Rey’s family didn’t agree. The death of Rey is currently unexplained, and Netflix even made an episode of it in the show Unsolved Mysteries.

The death of Allison’s husband Rey became a mystery when her husband was found dead at Baltimore’s hotel named Belvedere Hotel.

Body Measurement and Social media

Allison stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 50 Kg. Allison has long straight blonde hair and black eyes. Besides that, there is no other information about Allison’s body measurement.

Allison has a personal account on Facebook and she has 979 friends. Besides that, Allison has no account on other social media platforms.

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