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Alexis Roderick happens to be an American equestrian and former Morgan Stanley executive. Alexis Roderick is famous as the wife of legendary musician Billy Joel. Likewise, Billy Joel happens to be a famous American musician, singer, and television personality.

Early Life

Alexis Roderick was born in the year 1982. However, we do not have the information regarding the exact birth date and birthplace of the celebrity wife. However, we sure do know that she was born in the United States and carries American citizenship. Similarly, the celebrity wife belongs to Irish nationality. Talking of her husband, Billy Joel was born on 9th May 1949. He was born in Hicksville, New York, USA.

Moving on towards the family background of Alexis, she has not given out any sort of information on her family members. Likewise, the celebrity wife has been very secretive about her parent’s details. In addition, there is no information on her siblings either. Thus, any details regarding the family members of the celebrity wife are still in the dark.


Reflecting upon the educational background of the celebrity wife, she first went on to attend a local high school. After her high school graduation, she went on to attend Stony Brook’s University. While at University, she studied Political science, economics ad Latin America. Likewise, after her University education, she started a job as a broker in Garden, New York City.

Career and Professional Life

Alexis is a professional equestrian from the United States. She is a horseback rider who frequently performs. She has won numerous tournaments and competed in a variety of horseback riding events. Her husband, Billy, is said to have bought her a five-acre horse range in Wellington for $3.5 million. She has also worked at Morgan Stanley as a risk officer.

Roderick was a top executive of a global investment bank with offices all over the world that provides financial services. She is also a Broker-Dealer Licensed Representative (RR) with over 8 years of experience and a financial specialist.

On the other hand, her husband, Billy, is well-known throughout the world for his music and songs. With 13 studio albums, numerous concerts throughout the world, and 33 Top 40 songs in the United States, he is one of the most successful musicians in the world. Furthermore, Billy Joel has risen to become America’s sixth best-selling recorded artist and third-best-selling solo artist.

Billy Joel’s career

He formed his first band, ‘The Echoes,’ in 1963, which eventually became known as ‘The Lost Souls.’ Several of his instrumental pieces were recorded with the band.  Likewise, dropped out of high school during this time to pursue a career in music.

He departed ‘The Lost Souls’ in 1967 to form ‘The Hassles,’ a new band. The band was from Long Island and had signed with ‘United Artists Record.’ The band’s first album, ‘The Hassles,’ was released in 2009, followed by ‘Hour of the Wolf,’ the following year. Both albums were flops in the charts. In Los Angeles, he recorded the album ‘Piano Man’ for Columbia Records in 1973. It would go on to become his first top 20 hits and a gold album.


Caption: Billy pictured during a performance(source: Instagram)

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, he became the first American rock star to perform in the Soviet Union. In addition, he had performances in Moscow, Leningrad, and Tbilisi. In October of the same year, he released his live CD, ‘KOHUEPT’ (Russian meaning Concert). Further, In April 2017, Joel gave the inaugural concert at the newly restored ‘Nassau Coliseum. Similarly, In 2019, he announced the first-ever performance at a baseball stadium, which will take place at ‘Camden Yards.

Net worth

Talking of the net worth of Alexis Roderick, she has earned a hefty deal of wealth throughout her career. Likewise, as of now, she enjoys a net worth of $10 million. On the other hand, her husband has earned a handsome deal of wealth throughout his musical career. Bily Joel currently enjoys a net worth of $250 million.

Relationship status

Alexis Roderick is married to Billy Joel and has two children. In the year 2009, the two met for the first time at a restaurant in Huntington. On July 4, 2015, they married. Their wedding took place at Billy’s Long Island Estate. Likewise, Billy’s fourth wife is Alexis. Despite their large age disparity, the couple has been together since their marriage. Currently, the couple has two children. Della Rosa, their first child, was born on August 12, 2015. On the same day, they brought their second child, Remy Anne, into the world.


Caption: Alexis with her husband and children(source: Instagram)

Body measurements and Social media

Alexis is a gorgeous woman. Likewise, as for her height, the beautiful woman stands tall at 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 65 kg. Likewise, the beautiful woman has brown eyes and blonde hair.

Regarding the social media availability of the celebrity wife, she is not active on any social media sites at the moment. Moreover, Alexis has no official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account.

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