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Updated On September 28, 2023
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Alecia Beth Moore

Alecia Beth Moore better known by her stage name Pink is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, record producer, spokesperson, as well as model. Alecia Beth Moore Opposing her sharp, tomboyish style with that of her female pop star has had huge success with hits like “There You Go,” “Raise Your Glass” and “What About Us.”

Pop Singer Pink Battling Coronavirus With 3-year-old Son!!!!

Alecia Beth Moore recognized as a pop singer Pink revealed in early April that she and her son battled the coronavirus. Similarly, she reflected on her own experience with the illness through an essay terming it Most Challenging Experience.

Likewise, she and her three-year-old son Jameson had tested positive for the coronavirus in March and have since recovered from it. Moreover, she tells it was the most physically and emotionally challenging experience. Even she wrote in an essay “Mother’s Day is this weekend and I have been reflecting on the wonderful, yet challenging gift of time that life in COVID-19 quarantine has meant for me and my children”, reports

She said to be a mom, a teacher, a cook, a confidant, and a bad*** dream chaser all at once is no small achievement. She feels proud of herself and has stated: “Mamas everywhere, you are doing amazing.”

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The mother of two even detailed how parents are right now  “defining a new normal” for their children, and continued that “the virus knows no boundaries” and parts of the world may be just starting to feel its effects.

Weeks after receiving our test results, she and her son were still ill and feverish. It was a terrifying time, not understanding what might come next. Further, she continued But our story is not unique; there are mothers all over America, and the world, that are suffering this same difficulty every single day. Not every family, particularly those living on reservations, or in refugee camps, watts, or favelas, are able to practice social distancing. In many parts of the world, it can take hours just to reach water, and even then, soap may be an impossible luxury.”

Alecia Beth Moore

Caption: Alecia Beth Moore posted a photo-sharing face time with her family in this pandemic (Source: Instagram)

Alecia Beth Moore – Early life and Childhood

Alecia Beth Moore is 42 years old. She was born on September 8, 1979, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Her father’s name is Jim Moore who was an insurance agent and her mother’s name is Judy who was an emergency nurse. However, when she was ten years old, her parents separated.

She is “Irish-German-Lithuanian-Jew” and self-identifies herself as Jewish descent. Although she was a healthy baby at birth, she quickly developed asthma that plagued her through her early years. When she was a toddler, her parents started having marital problems and divorced before she was 10. Likewise, she was trained as a competitive gymnast between the ages of 4 and 12.

Moving toward her educational background, she received education from Central Bucks High School West. She emerged an interest in singing and even take part in the high school band ‘Middleground’. She has even written lyrics that gave a drain to her emotions, and her mother quoted saying that her lyrics were deep.

In her early teens, she presented at clubs in Philadelphia and during this time, she took up the pseudo-name Pink. She made the audition and became a member of the ‘Basic Instinct’ band; however, this band was destroyed soon.

Alecia Beth Moore

Caption: Alecia Beth Moore posing for a selfie with her mother (Source: Instagram)

Professional Life

Early career-2002

Talking Alecia recognized by the stage name Pink professional life is a singer-songwriter from America who has also puttered with acting and emerged successful in all her experimental attempts. She had an affection for singing and songwriting and even as a child she composed lyrics with grave meanings. She has even become a member of a band in her high school and later created her own band named ‘Choice’.

Musician L.A. Reid heard the band’s song and on his advice, she embarked on a career as a solo artist. She composed songs and also wrote songs for her own album as well as for other artists. In 2000, She made her first debut album song ‘There You Go’ which earned her immense popularity and proved Reid’s advice to be helpful to her. Then she kept on producing albums that became immediate successes and even topped tenth on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ chart.

The song ‘Key to My Heart’ by their band was even featured in the 1996 film ‘Kazaam’. In the year 2000, her album ‘Can’t Take Me Home’ reached the audience and became a hit. The sing peaked at number 26 on the ‘Billboard 200’ chart and the ‘Recording Industry Association of America’ (RIAA) also certified it with double platinum.

Her album’s second song ‘Most Girls’ reached number four on the ‘Billboard Hot 100.’ The song even topped the music charts in Australia. In the following year, she even toured with the ‘NSYNC’ band in their ‘No Strings Attached Tour’. In 2001, she and other singers Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, and Mýa recorded a cover of the song ‘Lady Marmalade’. This song hit a huge success and also won the ‘Grammy Award’ for the first time.


Likewise, she released her next album ‘Missundaztood.’ The first single of the album ‘Get the Party Started’ topped fourth on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ list. Among all her albums and singles, her second album ‘Missundaztood’ became a huge success. It established her as an international artist. This album is one of her best-selling albums and also ranked number eight among the best-selling albums of 2002. The song peaked in the music charts in Australia, Spain, Ireland, Romania, and New Zealand. It also topped the ‘European Hot 100 Singles’ chart for four weeks.

Her other singles on the albums such as ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’, ‘Just Like a Pill’, and ‘Family Portrait.’ It also received a good response from listeners and critics. In 2002, she made her debut for the first concert tour ‘Party Tour’ and even joined musician Lenny Kravitz on his ‘American Tour’. She gained to the ‘Top Female Billboard 200 Artist’ for the year.


In 2003, she released the song ‘Feel Good Time’. The song got featured in the film ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle’. She also made an appearance in a minor role in the same film. The same year, she issued her third album ‘Try This’ and reached the top ten in the US, Australian, Canadian album charts.
However, it did not take a hit as that her previous album ‘Missundaztood’. She also embarked on the ‘Try This Tour’ and this was her second concert tour.

Likewise, she composed the songs for her fourth album ‘I’m Not Dead’ released them in April 2006 under the banner ‘LaFace Records.’ The album turned out to be successful, and placed among the top ten in the US, and top five in the UK, and topped the charts in Australia and Germany.

The song ‘Stupid Girls’ make a huge hit and also her music video for the song got immensely popular. Her other songs on the album such as ‘Dear Mr. President’, ‘Who Knew’, ‘Nobody Knows’,  and ‘Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)’ made a hit. Consequently, she performed on the concert tour promoting the album ‘I’m Not Dead Tour,’ It made a record for the biggest concert attendance for an arena tour by a female artist.

During the period 2006-2007, she also performed with several artists such as India. Arie, Natalia Druyts, and Justin Timberlake, and even composed a few songs for some of them. At the same time, she further starred in the horror film ‘Catacombs’ alongside Shannyn Sossamon.

In 2008, she released her fifth studio album ‘Funhouse’ and the album peaked at the ‘ARIA’ charts. The first single album ‘So What’ written by her along with Max Martin and Shellback did not have a proper release as it leaked online. But as soon as it reached the audience, it became a smashing hit. The album has other singles such as ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’,  ‘Sober’, ‘Bad Influence’ and ‘Funhouse’.

Alecia Beth Moore

Caption: Alecia Beth Moore captured singing on stage (Source: Instagram)


In 2009, she made a collection of her first four albums hit music stores. It turned into a huge success. She also made an appearance in the documentary ‘The People Speak’ based on the book ‘A People’s History of the United States’ by Howard Zinn. In the following year, she embarked on the ‘Funhouse Tour’.

Likewise, she performed an aerial act along with her song ‘Glitter in the Air’ at the ‘2010 Grammy Awards.’ She has made collaborated with artists such as  John Legend, John Lennon, Herbie Hancock, and Eminem during the same year.

In October 2010, she released her song ‘Raise Your Glass’ The first compilation album ‘Greatest Hits… So Far!!!’ topped the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ chart, and the second song of the album ‘Fuckin’ Perfect’ ranked second in the chart.

In 2011, she voiced the character named Gloria in the animated movie ‘Happy Feet Two.’ As well as she even sings the theme song of the movie ‘Bridge of Light’. In 2012, she composed the songs for her next album ‘The Truth About Love.’  His first single ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ became the first single to be release. The album peaked on the ‘Billboard 200’ list and also became the ‘world’s sixth best-selling album’ for the year. The ‘RIAA’ provided it with a double platinum certificate.

Among the other songs of the album ‘The Truth About Love’, are ‘Are We All We Are’ ‘Try’, ‘Just Give Me a Reason’, ‘True Love’, and ‘Walk of Shame’. The song ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ became a huge hit song of the album and placed number one on the music charts of more than 20 countries and peaked on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ chart.

2012- present: Hurts 2B Human and hiatus

In 2012, she appeared in the song ‘Guns and Roses’ of the album ‘Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head’. She composed the songs ‘I Walk Alone’ and Lie to Me’ which featured in the album ‘Closer to the Truth’ by artist Cher. She did excellent acting in the film ‘Thanks for Sharing’.

In 2013, she enrolled in a contract with ‘RCA Records’ with a multi-album contract. Likewise, in the following year, she collaborated with singer-songwriter Dallas Green and formed the band ‘You+Me. In 2014, she produced the first album ‘rose ave’ from the band ‘You+Me’. It ranked number four on the ‘Billboard 200’ and also peaked in the ‘US Folk Albums’ chart.

In August 2015, she recorded the theme song for the 13th season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Likewise, her song, “Today’s the Day”, performed during the show’s premiere week in New York City on September 10, 2015.

On February 5, 2019, she got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; and further announced the release of her eighth album, Hurts 2B Human. Released on April 26, 2019. She released the album’s lead single, “Walk Me Home” on February 20, 2019. On the release date, she performed the song alongside a medley of her biggest hits at the BRIT Awards, including “Try”, and “Just Give Me a Reason”. She confirmed that in 2020 she will take a break from music to focus on her family.

Alecia Beth Moore – Net Worth 2023

Speaking on this talented artist Alecia Beth Moore’s earnings, she has earned a decent sum of money through her work. Likewise, her estimated net worth is around $130 million.


She has won several awards for her prominent singing contribution. In 2000, she won ‘Best Pop New Artist’ at the ‘Billboard Music Awards’ for her song ‘There You Go’. Two years later, she gained this award for ‘Top Billboard 200 Album Artist – Female’ and ‘Top Hot Top 40 Artist’.

In 2001, she won the ‘Billboard Music Video Awards’ as the ‘Director of the Year’. She also shared the ‘Grammy Award’ with Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, and Mýa for the song ‘Lady Marmalade’ in 2002.  Likewise, she won her second ‘Grammy Award’ in the year 2004 in the ‘Best Female Rock Vocal Performance category.

In 2011, she received the ‘Grammy Award’ alongside Herbie Hancock, India.Arie, Seal, Konono Nº1, Jeff Beck and Oumou Sangaré. They earned the ‘Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals category. In the same year, she won the ‘ARIA Music Award’ as the ‘Best International Artist’. The ‘Billboard Music Award’ has mentioned her as the ‘As a woman of the Year’ for 2013.

Alecia Beth Moore – Personal Life & Legacy

Reflecting on Pink’s personal life, she is a married woman, On 7th January 2006, she married motocross racer Carey Hart in Costa Rica. The duo welcomed a daughter named Willow Sage Hart in June 2011. Later, in December 2016, she gave birth to their second child, a son, Jameson Moon.

Alecia Beth Moore

Caption: Alecia Beth Moore posing along with her family member attending an event (Source: Instagram)

Pink is an animal activist and is also a supporter of the organization ‘PETA.’ Additionally, she also voiced against the Australian wool industry for its use of ‘Mulesing’. She also supported the ‘I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ movement organized by ‘PETA’, revealing it all in a 2015 photoshoot.

Further, she is also a supporter of same-sex marriage and even associated with charitable organizations such as ‘Prince’s Trust’, ‘Save the Children ‘UNICEF’, ‘ONE Campaign’, ‘Human Rights Campaign’, ‘New York Restoration Project’, and Take Back the Night’.

Body Measurements

Alecia Beth Moore has a bold and beautiful personality with blonde hair color and greyish-blue eyes. She often dyes her hair in different colors. Likewise, she has cool looks with a charming aura. Similarly, she has a good height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.63m) and weighs around 54 kg.

Social Media

She has accounts on different social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. She has equally garnered huge fan followings on social media platforms. On Instagram, she goes by the handle @pink with more than 8 million fan followers. Likewise, she has gained 32.1 million followers on her Twitter account and over 12k followers on her Facebook account.